Monday, April 25, 2011

Suuuuuper happy!

Hello everyone! How was your holiday?

I've had a lovely two weeks. Went with my Sales family to the truly incredible Shangri-la Mactan for the very first time (thanks, Mom and Dad!), happy with how things are going at work since a huge problem is finally going away (hooray!), had an amazing anniversary week with Vince, met the coolest mommy bloggers ever over milkshakes and mocktails, gave my Topaz Mommy blog a fab makeover, and really enjoyed the Holy Week cocooned at home with just my boys.

Plus, I've been winning auction after auction on eBay! I now have a cute new Marni dress, a whimsical Gucci bag, a sheet of Peter Rabbit stamps and a bottle of my Lanvin perfume (the one on eBay is about P2,000 cheaper than the ones sold at the mall!). I'm sooo happy! I still have my eye on four designer dresses. Bidding ends on Wednesday. This is sooo exciting! I hope I win them all!

*family photo from my sister-in-law Lizelle =)


  1. Ooh, you look so pretty and fresh in the photo. Happy vibes!:)

  2. wow. ebay shopping huh? i think i'll have to give that a try too. wouldn't hurt to save cash while scoring fabulous items.

  3. Vito is too cute! :) Where do you bid? or I hope you win all your biddings!

  4. Hey, Frances, do you shop on or I do my online shopping mostly on Amazon or Multiply, but only buy from sellers I personally know. I want to check out eBay! :)

  5. Ah I want to go to the beach too! :).


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