Tuesday, April 19, 2011

My heart is overjoyed for Anika's heart!

On the very last day of March, I saw a Tweet on my Twitter feed. It was asking anyone who saw that Tweet to help Anika heal her broken heart. I clicked on the link and saw a beautiful little girl. She had adorable ringlets and a sweet, shy smile.

Anika also has Single Ventricle Defect. Our hearts have two ventricles--one pumps blood into our lungs, the other pumps blood to the rest of our body. Anika only has one ventricle. She has literally just half a heart, and it's beating extra hard to keep this little four-year-old girl alive. She needs two expensive surgeries to fix this rare heart problem.

When I found out about Anika, my own heart broke because, for one painful minute, it was Vito I saw lying in that hospital bed. If only I had billions and billions, Anika! Instead, I blogged about her and Tweeted and re-Tweeted. I wanted Anika to live! She was born the day before my wedding, a fairy-tale day, and I want her and her parents to live happily ever after.

Today I heard the bestest news ever! Put on your gowns, ladies, and tie your bow ties, gents, while we bring out the champagne because Anika's got the most amazing birthday gift. But I won't tell you here. Let Anika tell you herself!

Thank you to everybody who re-Tweeted and spread the word about Anika. Thank you to the generous souls who contributed to her surgery fund. Thank you to everybody who stormed the gates of heaven. But we're just halfway there! Please keep spreading Anika's story and praying for her complete cure. God bless you!

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