Friday, April 22, 2011

Need to inject color to my wardrobe (plus other reflections)

Here's my son Vito, happily toothily smiling for the camera (click pic to enlarge). He's super cute, isn't he? There's more and better photos of my darling boy in Topaz Mommy.

As for the outfit, I'm wearing a Bench tank, Kate Moss for Topshop wool pants, Cole Vintage flats, Sopia bib necklace and, for a pop of color, my Cambridge Satchel.

I've taken to wearing blacks, grays and beiges. It's rather boring. I don't know if this is a phase because I'm feeling insecure about my stubborn belly fat or because black hides baby spit and food stains or I've truly become boring. If it's permanent (heaven forbid!), I guess I should start buying bright accessories, like Furla's candy bags which I covet.

Hmm, which reminds me... On Twitter today, fellow mom bloggers Martine and Eliza and mompreneur Paola and I chatted about how women would sacrifice food, apply for endless payday loans, and go into credit card debt just to buy designer bags, specifically bags that go for obscene amounts. I said that if I had that much money to spend on frivolity, I'd rather buy jewelry. And I actually do. Jewelry appreciates in value (the price of gold hit a record high recently), is easy to pack and hide should you need to flee (must stop watching crime shows--I'm beginning to think like a crook!), and is easy to sell or barter. Bags? Imagine packing all of your Birkins and Pradas while fleeing the country. Jewelry is easy--just sweep into a bag (preferably the understated and roomy Mulberry Bayswater) and go.

However, I have nothing against buying designer bags. If we can afford them, why not? But I think there's something seriously wrong about getting into debt or sacrificing on essentials like food or the children's education or living in squalor just so you can tote a Goyard, a Birkin or a Chanel. Or the latest gadget. For example, I always get supremely irritated that certain relatives of mine have smart phones and game consoles and yet can't pay for their kids' tuition fees. Really.

Reflection. Literally!

Me, I live a good life. I have nice clothes and a few nice bags (mostly from eBay!). I eat good food. I live in a nice house filled with nice things. I have a small library. I have no debt. I can afford to live my nice life.

But people don't see beyond my nice life. They don't see that I spent 1999 to 2009 working my ass off, working 24 hours sometimes, eating very little or skipping meals altogether, skipping doctor check-ups and maintenance meds for my asthma and endometriosis, carefully using and cleaning clothes and shoes so they will last longer, scraping together every peso and enduring the glare of bank tellers while I count out coins I saved up to deposit to my bank account, and delaying marriage and kids because I wanted to have a better life first.

All people see is I'm lucky. All they see is my glamorous life. And it is a wonderful life filled with nice trappings. I love my life. The best part is I deserve this life because I earned it. Every bit of it. So if I go out and buy a Furla candy bag tomorrow or a ruby ring or a painting or a dozen books or an orange Zara dress, I can do so and most happily, too!


  1. lemme share with you my favorite quote by far...

    'Seriously though, it's not bad to give yourself a treat once in a while. Whether it be jewelry, furniture, a vacation or a slice of cake. That's what my Momma told me...' - Daphne OseƱa Paez

  2. I actually thought you were wearing a maxi dress instead of a top and bottom. Let alone pants. Love the outfit! :-)

  3. good post!

    btw, i ordered an 11" yellow (either fluo or regular, will just choose!) hopefully this 07 May. Yes, i love my green 14" but... I can't get over my first choice. so yeah, will get it!

    in relation to your post, di naman ako ma-i-in debt coz of this hahaha. but i know what you mean, may ganun talaga na mga tao.

  4. I love this empowered post, Miz Frances. :-) You go, lady!

  5. Vito is adorable in that pic! Love that bungisngis smile!

    And, yes, I agree. I totally don't understand how people will go into debt for the sake of a designer handbag or for any luxury (gadgets, luxury cars, vacations) for that matter. A "want" is never a reason to be in debt.

  6. Agree with you totally about responsibility and frivolity. Someone I know had to sell their LVs and Chanels, just to pay off debts and mortgages. I even knew of a guy who owned a Hummer but still lived off his parents. The lure of possessions is sometimes so strong, it warps people's perception of what's sensible and right. Totally not cool.

    And I also agree with you about deserving your rewards. Relish it! Live it up, Frances! I always tell my girlfriends that life is meant to be lived to the hilt. Otherwise, why do we bother working for a better life, right? :)

    Haba ng comment. Haha.

  7. I agree with you Frances. You can also invest in art! We are so blessed and rewarding ourselves sometimes is not so bad. For a time I tried playing perfect in the mompreneur world, until a series of unfortunate events happened. But I guess that's life. No life is perfect. Have a fun vacation!

  8. very nice post! love, love, love your cambridge satchel! anyhoo, i also check once in a while...would you mind sharing your trusted sellers in ebay? im quite new to ebay and am afraid na maloko. thanks in advance!

  9. way to go Frances! you deserve what you have right now and i know it is not luck but hard work and perseverance!

  10. There was a time when I couldn't care less about jewelry. Then I got a beautiful engagement ring and realized that I like shiny things. Haha. Just not sure about jewelry being "easy to sell" (I guess that depends on who your friends are? Ha). Our money columnist, Mr. Colayco, has cautioned a couple of times that one might have to sell jewelry at a huge discount when they need to be sold in a hurry. As far as investments go, he's always recommending mutual funds.

  11. amazing Frances!! :) you definitely deserve all the wonderful things life can give. enjoy enjoy!!


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