Thursday, June 09, 2011

Our summer weekend at Cebu's wondrous Shangri-la Mactan

Summer is definitely over because today I dusted off the leather jacket and checked twice if I brought my umbrella. I don't mourn the end of summer because I've always been a rainy kind of gal, the fatter the raindrops, the louder the thunder, the better. Of course, it's best with a really thick book!

But I can't say I didn't enjoy the sun this year, especially since we have a little boy now. And, oh, how he loved our trip to Shangri-la Mactan!

We went there with Vito's entire Sales family (thanks, Mom and Dad!) and swam and ate and slept to our hearts' content. I won't show the photos of Vito's cousins here since they're all of school age but since Vito is too young to protest, let me show off my handsome boy's pics!
Vince shows Vito the jumbo jet we're about to board.
It's Vito's first plane ticket!
Vito's first plane ride was a smooth flight.
The baby was absolutely delighted with the huge bed!
He kept exploring it. Vince, I guess we need a bigger bed!
See how excited he is?!
The little guy inspects the big garden. "Green, Mama! What is all that green?!"
Vito's first beach encounter!
He hated the sand. He's like me! 
Poor darling was so upset whenever his feet touched the sand!
Mama had to comfort him.
Good thing the pool was a success! 
Where did you go this summer?


  1. Vito's trunk is so cute - a lot of stars :)

  2. Look at all those little creases of fat...super cute!

  3. cute vito!!!!! his first airplane ride!!! weeee Frances, he's starting to look a lot like you!!!!!

  4. OMG! Vito's smile is L-O-V-E! You're raising a heartbreaker! <3

  5. He's super cute! And such a happy baby! You make me excited to bring my little boy to the beach!

  6. such a cutie! :) cute ng picture na nasa sand hehe.. we didn't go anywhere this summer but we stayed in sofitel for 2 days. I swam with Y, she enjoyed it!

  7. WOW! ang saya ni Vito, bata pa lang mega travel na!!!! :)

    Enjoyed looking at your photos Frances dear and I haven't seen you in awhile!!!! :(

  8. i think all little kids hate sand at the start. kase it is really rough.. but give him a couple more tries and he'll love it!! N was the same. but now she loves the beach! especially when she learned how to make sand pies and sand castles

  9. vito is really so irresistable... his pics never fail to bring a smile to my face everytime i look at them (which is often)

  10. Thanks! Thanks! The little boy really is cute =)

    Upto6, ya! We call his trunks porn star trunks tee hee!

    Irisgodd3ss, wag naman sana! I don't want him to break hearts =)

    Loopy Life, when he's done with his tetanus shots, go!!!

    Apples & Dumplings, ahhhh Sofitel! I love Sofitel! Their beds are amazing.

    AMW, I know! Was I still preggy when we last saw each other?!

    Jenny, I hope so. I still hate the sand and I'm 34!

  11. He looks so happy!!!! Contagious. :)

  12. What a CUTIE Vito is! Gigil! And lookit how he loves hotel linens and sheets! Me, too--sobra! Kaya our beddings at home are all-white, all-cotton, all fluffy like hotel sheets! Kakaiba ang relaxing effect nila, no?

    Sarap ng Shangri-La Mactan. I wanna go baaaaack. I love their spa, huhuhu.

  13. Neighbor, you make motherhood look so fabulous and glamorous! Hoping to follow in your footsteps, like I did with the whole wedding-marriage thing, hehe! Mwah!

  14. Vito is so cute! Nakakagigil haha :D

  15. Wonderful photos of Vito and your family! :) Gwapito talaga! And kamukha mo na Frances :)
    Buti pa si Vito nakasakay na sa airplane! Nauudlot lagi for my kids....

    Super cute talaga! When will his pictorial from the magazine come out? :)

  16. Thanks everybody for thinking he's a cutie!

    Martine, ya, I just bought really nice sheets from Living Well (they're on sale!) and Vito loves them! He's like doing the snow angel motion on the bed. Haha!

    Mariel, you'll be just the same. You cook and bake pa and so domestic goddess! Unlike me hehe. You'll make a lovely mommy!

    Mom-Friday, I was just soooo glad he didn't cry. When I wasn't a mommy, I just hated babies on the plane kasi iyak nang iyak. Was so scared I'd get karma. =( Whew!

  17. Vito is sooooo cute! I'm offering myself to be his extra nanny!

  18. Ugh! I hate sand too... I'm more of a pool person actually. Shangrila Mactan is a lovely place. It's so cool that Vito enjoyed himself, surely mommy and daddy did too!

  19. Cutie! And he hated the sand, haha. =P So nice to have a little boy around, you & Vince look so happy now that Vito is here. =)

  20. Niceyfemme, there's a loooong list of volunteers =)

    Crickette, ya, I can't stand sand. I'm better now although the last time I actually had a beach vacay was 2004. So when we went to Mactan, I enjoyed walking on the beach... for 10 minutes then back to the pool!

    Dang, awww. Thanks! We are happy =)

  21. Vito looks so happy in all photos but one! :)Woohoo for his first trip! :)

  22. He's like me--doesn't like the sand =) But he loved everything else!


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