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Sunday, June 05, 2011

Random photos post!

Was looking through my computer's folders and found a lot of forgotten pics or some I put on my mommy blog instead but you didn't get to see. Here are 10 pics (in chronological order):

Oct 28, 2009. Jane Kingsu-Cheng of My Style Kit and Forever 21. This was at an Estee Lauder event at Chef Laudico's Bistro. I've seen Jane before when she was still a magazine editor but I've never actually met her. Then we "met" through our blogs so when we actually physically saw each other again, we just had to say hi! And that was the start of a beautiful friendship. Jane was one of my "mommies" when I was pregnant and afraid. Thanks, Jane!

Dec 30, 2009. Our Rock Band was spankin' brand new and Vince's brother and his kids came over to check it out. Since the boys would rather play the instruments, I was the designated singer. I miss my red hair!

May 15, 2010. The day the iPad arrived. Lookit how happy the Third World Nerd is! His expression reminds me of the first time he held Vito in his arms! If you want to know the fantastic story of how we got our iPad, click here and here. It is quite a tale!

June 30, 2010. Kat's birthday party! Kat left for New York City early last year to study fashion merchandising. But in June, she flew back to Manila for a rendezvous with her boyfriend, who threw her a surprise birthday party. So here we are, Nikki, Leslie, Nic and Kat. That was a fun night. I was 7 months pregnant. I can't believe my arms were thinner back then! I'm so fat now!

Sept 6, 2010. Anyway, I'm so glad we got the iPad. It was so useful when I gave birth and wallowed in post-partum depression for a couple of weeks. When you're stuck in bed with a constantly breastfeeding infant who'd awaken if you turned the TV on, the iPad is your savior. I was able to chat with friends, check my mail, blog, Facebook, research about caring for an infant, play soft sleepy music for Vito (see above), etc etc etc. I owe the iPad my sanity. Seriously.

Nov 29, 2010. My pink Christmas tree. Ain't it a beaut?

Jan 26, 2011. Vito at 5 months old, wearing a Cheshire Cat shirt with a glow-in-the-dark grin. Yes, we like cool and funny t-shirts! This was taken at dawn. Yes, even now at 9 months old, he still wakes up at 5am! When will I ever sleep for 10 hours again? Even 8 hours? Never? Thought so.

April 14, 2011. With fellow mommies Paola Loot (with her sweetie pie Sjofn) and Martine De Luna, who has a son named Vito too and is the author of Dainty Mom. We tried Plana Forma. The super fit woman at the right was our instructor. I gave up after just one session. It is hard! Martine continued the torture.

April 24, 2011. At Bonifacio High Street. Vito played with a puppy right after this shot. Vito loves dogs and rabbits. Loves them. Totally shrieks with delight when he sees anything furry. I know I haven't updated about my rabbit Matilda forever but yes, she's still alive and fatter and cuter. Which drives Vito insane--he's always so excited when he sees Matilda, grabs at her and shrieks. Matilda does not like this one bit. She doesn't like Vito at all. Sigh. I wonder if this is what will happen if we have another kid...

May 7, 2011. At Rustan's Makati, where I always shop for Vito's stuff. Vince shops at Mothercare. Yes, we have different baby stuff haunts! We bought him three pairs of shoes this day. Porma shoes only since I prefer he learn to walk barefoot. He's standing on his own now, by the way! My goodness, where did the time go?

Looking at these photos, they only feel like yesterday and yet also a lifetime ago. Sigh.

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Want, want, want!

I guess you all probably all know that Apple launched the funnily named iPad last week.

Well, I want one. It's the future, my friends. I won't really go into all the specifics and what it can and can't do (this isn't a tech site and my husband can explain it better!) but from what I've seen, it's magic!

This week, Sony also launched their adorable new VAIOs, the super colorful VAIO E. Vince and I were invited to a lovely dinner for the launch but I wasn't feeling well and Vince had to stay at work so we didn't show up. Therese and Avvy of Virtusio, if you're reading this, I'm sorry! Was this the series you were launching? Just wondering...
I think these babies are beyond cute but Sony really has to offer better laptop deals--their laptops are insanely overpriced so, much as I want a VAIO, I bought my HP Mini instead (which I love!) and if I ever get oodles of money, I'd buy a MAC!

Or an iPad. I read that Sony plans to copy the iPad. Sony's CFO Nobuyuki Oneda said, "We are confident we have the skills to create a [similar] product." I'm sure, but again, Sony, you have to make your prices competitive. Since the iPad is only around $500 (P23,000), that's an unbeatable price for such an amazing gadget!

We're definitely getting the iPad come March. But we have to buy that Olympus EP1 first! How about you? Any gadget lusts?