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Monday, February 28, 2011

7 things I'm loving right this minute

1. My nail polish! It's Glitzerland from O.P.I. It's a very fine crushed gold that looks great against my skin and with my topaz ring!

2. The funny Garnier video for the roll-on eye brightener and de-puffer. Only because I suffer from terrible dark circles so this actually is something I can very well relate to! (Crickette, I finally sent you this! Tell me how it goes!)

Goodies and Sweets Chocolate Cake with Caramel Sauce
3.'s Top 10 chocolate cakes. I just had that cake in the photo actually. It is love! Guys, if the girl you're trying to win is sick of getting fancy chocolates from you, try giving her cake instead! It's casual, almost friendly, and yet it's still chocolate. And if she still doesn't give you her sweet yes, then take comfort in the fact that this luscious cake is fattening! For more unusual chocolate gifts, go check out Sharri's Berries Facebook page for ideas.

4. The Mogu Mogu introduction. It's so... strange! It's almost profound! "Fruit Juice. Gotta Chew!!" What does it mean?!?

5. The Sony VAIO S. Because it's pink! Period. For more substantial reasons, check out what the Third World Nerd had to say about the new VAIOs. Seriously makes me want to buy this instead of a Mac! (Bad hair day, I know. But just lookit my smile!)

6. Rustan's Makati's red carpeted entrance. I love Power Plant but no mall makes me feel like a VIP quite like Rustan's Makati does!

7. Vito trying to remove his Thudguard helmet while eating carrots I steamed, mashed, sieved myself. But I love him every minute!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Aha! Another bag I want!

Sooo many invitations on my desk and email inbox right now. Lots of gadgets being launched, like the new Sony VAIO, the new LG green something, the new HTC Desire 2.2. That's Third World Nerd territory, though, so I'm browsing the Fossil website instead because also in my inbox is an email from OK!'s associate fashion editor Kabbie Rodriguez. And she said I should check these Mulberry Alexa lookalikes:
Fossil Vintage Re-Issue Messenger, $208
Fossil Vintage Re-Issue Flap, $148

Oh no! Well, it's very similar to the Alexa but it's still not the Alexa. The good thing is it doesn't have the price of the Alexa so... maybe I want one! But Vince already ordered the yellow Cambridge Satchel for me. It's his Valentine's Day gift (thanks, Vince!) so I really really shouldn't buy a new bag. I really really shouldn't!

But I'm going to Megamall this week to check it out anyway!

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Want, want, want!

I guess you all probably all know that Apple launched the funnily named iPad last week.

Well, I want one. It's the future, my friends. I won't really go into all the specifics and what it can and can't do (this isn't a tech site and my husband can explain it better!) but from what I've seen, it's magic!

This week, Sony also launched their adorable new VAIOs, the super colorful VAIO E. Vince and I were invited to a lovely dinner for the launch but I wasn't feeling well and Vince had to stay at work so we didn't show up. Therese and Avvy of Virtusio, if you're reading this, I'm sorry! Was this the series you were launching? Just wondering...
I think these babies are beyond cute but Sony really has to offer better laptop deals--their laptops are insanely overpriced so, much as I want a VAIO, I bought my HP Mini instead (which I love!) and if I ever get oodles of money, I'd buy a MAC!

Or an iPad. I read that Sony plans to copy the iPad. Sony's CFO Nobuyuki Oneda said, "We are confident we have the skills to create a [similar] product." I'm sure, but again, Sony, you have to make your prices competitive. Since the iPad is only around $500 (P23,000), that's an unbeatable price for such an amazing gadget!

We're definitely getting the iPad come March. But we have to buy that Olympus EP1 first! How about you? Any gadget lusts?

Friday, July 17, 2009

New pink laptops!

Vince and I attended the Sony Vaio launch party the other night at the Manila Peninsula Hotel. I was glad to see that the new laptop computers of Sony are quite colorful. My regular readers know I seriously considered getting the pink Sony Vaio CS sometime ago. A lot of you advised against it so I ended up with my HP Mini--which I adore.

I did get reminded of how I wanted a Vaio when I saw the metallic pink Vaio W (below) and the new Vaio CS in pink crocodile leather. Ooooh, I swear I kinda salivated and, with Sony offering us media people a rare offer of 50% discount (!!!), I almost whipped out the credit card (yes, I'm a credit card holder again, despite what I said).

However, when I got home, there was my lovely elegant black HP Mini waiting for me. I'm in love with my HP Mini. But now Vince just told me HP has launched a pink one. Oh dear! It's so pretty!I want it!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Shopping for a netbook!

Okay, so my husband--Vince Sales, the editor-in-chief of T3, just the biggest tech magazine in the country!--is exasperated with me. I've been wanting to get myself a laptop for a few months now. It's actually not a need since we already have a computer and if Vince is using the PC, then I can browse on his iPhone. But I really think I need my own computer for my blogging and my work and my online business. Of course, Vince--being a gadget guru--has given me advice time and again and, of course, I never quite listen so he's more than a little annoyed! But here is what we've whittled down:

The MacBook
Since I'm a Mac user (in publishing, all the editors wield a Mac), it makes better sense if I get a MacBook, right? Except that a MacBook starts at PHP56,000 (USD1,175) and I can't bring myself to buy anything over PHP35,000 at this point.

The Sony Vaio C
Then I saw the Sony Vaio C. I really wanted a Sony Vaio C! Why? Because it's pink. Seriously. But at an even heftier price of PHP60,000 (USD1,258), pink is a flimsy excuse.

The MSI Wind for Love
Vince said I don't need a super laptop--I can get those uber popular netbooks. Netbooks are small but perfect for the tasks I do often (writing, editing, surfing). And the best part: they are cheap! He first suggested the super cute MSI Wind for Love. It's only PHP20,000 (USD418) and proceeds from its sale benefit underprivileged kids in Third World countries. Nice.

The MSI Wind
As I was studying the specs though, I figured that I'd be better off with the much adored MSI Wind. No "love" this time. The computer memory is the big difference: the Love has 80GB while the Wind has 160GB. It's around PHP25,000 (USD520) and comes in pink!

The HP Mini
Vince then suggested if I'm going for looks, I should shell out more and get myself an HP Mini Vivienne Tam. This is what Vince highly recommends for me. In fact, he thinks it's perfect for his wife. The HP people don't call it a notebook; they call it a "digital clutch." Of course, it's also USD700 (PHP33,377) .

The Sony Vaio P
The husband also suggested the ultra-chic Sony Vaio P. Surprisingly, I didn't like this one. Vince and I are Sony people--we live in a house filled with so many Sony gadgets, you'd think we get huge discounts from Sony (we don't!). But at the P series launch last month, well, I agree it is ultra-chic but it's so small, I had a hard time with the screen, the keys, the button mouse, the... everything actually. At its steep price of PHP50,000 (USD1,000), please don't give me a hard time! Plus, it doesn't come in pink.

Also, if I had 50 grand lying around doing nothing, then I'm better off with a MacBook. Argh! What do you think I should get? I'm now choosing between the MSI Wind, the Wind for Love and the HP Mini Vivienne Tam. And what computer do you use when you're blogging?

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

My first Sony experience is with my Sony Bravia

Remember that story when I proposed to Vince with the Sony Playstation 3? Well, here's another Sony story. Because we have rabbits, we are quite fond of this Bravia TVC. Of course, it helps that we watch it on our very own 32" Bravia TV.

We're fonder of this Bravia Bunny, however. Isn't Galadriel the cutest ever???Our rabbits are Sony bunnies! Oh, and my two phones are sturdy Sony Ericssons, my SLR camera is a Sony Cybershot, we read books on the Sony eBook Reader, we fight over who gets to play with the PSP, and of course, Vince plays with his PS3 games and I exercise to aerobics videos played through the PS3, too, on our beloved Bravia.

Yep, we live in a Sony world because we really were quite impressed with the Bravia. It definitely gave significance in my life just like the Sony's World's First Noise-Canceling Notebook Computer, the VAIO T Series, which is what I'm salivating for lately because I want to blog anywhere and everywhere and in peace!