Friday, December 30, 2011

New Year's resolutions. Again!

I have a sinking feeling that my New Year's resolutions are the same every year (see here and here). And this is when I look in the mirror and say, "You disappoint me, Frances." Well, here's a progress report:

The Good
  • I quit smoking in 2009 (I had to get pregnant first).
  • I am eating healthier (because I got pregnant, breastfed and am pregnant again).
  • I'm going to the doctor a lot for health check-ups (but that's because I'm pregnant and, honestly, I'm sick of seeing hospitals and doctors!) and the good news is I'm very healthy. 
  • I've worn red lipstick (it really does wake up the face!). 

The Bad
  • I was exercising but then my second pregnancy became delicate so I had to quit so now I'm all flabby again. 
  • With a baby and another on the way, sleep has become a thing of the past.
  • I'm still not drinking enough water.
  • I'm still pimply! My skin had actually cleared up, but then I got pregnant and the hormones are wreaking havoc on my poor face.

The Never Mind
  • I don't have to eat fruits. I already eat tons of veggies anyway!
  • I've resolved that some relationships are toxic and that it's better for me (and them) to just step back and not be involved. Especially now that I'm a mother and have very limited time to spend with anyone who doesn't deserve my time.

So now it's 2012 and I have a (kinda) new list of things to do:
  1. Drink more water!
  2. Exercise as soon as I hit my 6th month of pregnancy and then six weeks after I give birth. Not because I want to lose weight (it's never about the weight), but because I want to be strong and healthy for my children.
  3. Let this be the year my skin clears up!!!
  4. Use the lovely things I get for free (like luxury skin creams, eye-lash growth products, creamy lotions, etc) and try to go to the derma and salon more regularly so that I'd look even better! I'm already 35, with a growing family and career. I can't let myself go! 
  5. Spend more time with the people I truly care about and who care about me. I actually do--I'm very proud of that!--but I want to spend even more time with them. I don't know how I'm going to do that with all the things on my plate but I will!
  6. Go into business again. I tried this year and failed because of unreliable people (more on this soon). I have learned a lot and I will do better! But I'll do this after I give birth.
  7. Grow the blogs. Bigger and better this 2012!
So there! What's on your list? And do you ever get to resolve your resolutions? Do tell!

Monday, December 26, 2011

The gifts that I gave this year

... weren't my usual fabulousness, but that's because it's Christmas! I'm a better gift giver for birthdays, weddings and housewarmings because those are personal occasions but Christmas is just, well, it's a LOT of gifts to buy! So Vince and I give tokens instead, little somethings, ya know, a "Hey, we thought of you!" thing. Here are some of the stuff we gave to family and friends:
hardbound books from Fully Booked and candy from Candy Corner
science kits from Toy Kingdom and beauty/grooming sets from Bench
And the gifts I always give on Christmas: Body Shop Christmas collections!
Just cute little things, right? Now that I'm a mommy, I find that I just can't spend too much time away from my son. So we brought him along to the shops, which wasn't a good idea since Vito's a little devil, sweeping things off shelves and begging and whining for all the brightly colored things that fascinate a little boy. And since I'm pregnant, I'm not fast enough to stop him! So we did all our shopping from three shops. And that already felt like too many shops!

Anyway, this year, I didn't do any gift wrapping. With no household help, I just didn't have the time. So I figured I'd just put them all in brown bags and give them like so. After all, aren't brown paper packages tied up with string a few of our favorite things?
I think I'll do this again next year. It's simple and cheap!

I used to be a fantastic giftwrapper kinda girl--I'd do artsy folds, tie ribbons, add mistletoe and glitter. The works! Last year, I had the utterly insane idea of recycling magazine pages. Yes, it's a good green idea but I just had to take it up a notch and customize. For example, if the gift was a toy car, I looked for ads of cars and used those. If the gift was nail polish, I used nail polish ads, beauty product-beauty pages, book-book review section, food-recipe section, etc. I did not realize how hard it was to actually look for the perfect pages to match the gift! I am never doing that again!

I'll talk more about the holidays soon. This was a lovely season for my little family--even after we had a big scare right before Christmas Eve--and I want to tell you all about it. My Facebook page followers have a bit of an idea; I'll talk more about it here this week. Plus, I want to share my blessings! I've been preparing a blog giveaway but haven't gotten around to doing it because, well, you all know my reason: I have no household help! So stay tuned, folks!

From our home to yours, we wish you all the love, joy, peace and prosperity in the world!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Almost done with the Christmas shopping

There are gifts under my pink tree!
It's a week before Christmas and my Twitter and Facebook feeds are all screaming about the horrible traffic jams and crowded malls. I'm glad that we didn't need to go out and shop since last month, we had already bought toys for the kids, gift sets for friends and neighbors, and little cutesy stuff for co-workers and forgotten relatives (haha).

Oh wait. I forgot that I went to Megamall a few days ago because I still don't have gifts for my nieces. They had asked for new clothes and this has left me stumped. For one thing, I hated getting clothes when I was young (even now actually). The clothes gifted to me are usually not my size and not my style.

Well, I asked my nieces what their dress sizes are and even then, at the mall with my sister, I was paralyzed. What do teen girls wear these days anyway? I was looking around the girls at the mall and was just horrified. They're either in the most unimaginative clothes or they're dressed indecently.

So my sister suggested we shop with the girls. Seemed like a good idea until I remembered the time I shopped with my niece for her prom dress. One dress, one pair of shoes--6 hours. I guess you'd say that's not so bad but regular readers know I hate shopping at the mall. The longest I'd spend at a mall is 2 hours, and half of that time is spent eating. So the 6 hours spent looking through racks upon racks of gowns was torture. (SM Dept Store truly has everything, by the way, from size 0 chiffon gowns and cheap plus size cocktail dresses to tacky nightmares and intricately beaded works of art!)

But, Y, if you're reading this, I want you to know the torture you put me through was worth it since you looked absolutely perfect in your lavender gown and silver strappy heels. And the cherry on top is you ended up as Prom Queen! But... I will not go through that again! So can I just give you gift certificates so you can shop for yourself?

I may abhor shopping but Vito makes going to the mall fun!
Hmm. Do you think gift certificates are a no-no gift? Some people say it's a lazy gift. Well, I love GCs! I love cash gifts, too! But in this case, I truly honestly have no idea what kind of clothes my nieces want and where to buy them. Where does one buy stylish clothes for girls 10 to 16 years old anyway? The ones I've seen so far either bore me to tears or shock me. I saw an adorable dress for a 10- to 12-year-old girl, for example, but when I took it from the rack, it was backless. Backless!

So I have a week to buy my nieces new clothes. Or just give them shopping money on Christmas. If you were a teenage girl, which would you prefer?

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