Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Gift ideas from Happy Skin

Next week is November!!!

That means it's my birthday, folks. 

Ho ho ho, I mean it's time to start panic buying your presents for me! I mean, for the special people in your life! And cosmetics brand Happy Skin—my favorite makeup brand now—has some fab ideas for the gorgeous girls on your list.

Served on a Silver Platter, P1,999
Ooh, all basics covered! Skin, eyes, cheeks and lips! SS Second Skin Cream Foundation (with a Happy Skin foundation brush!), Get Cheeky With Me Blush, Shut Up & Kiss Me Lippie, and Eye Am Here To Stay eyeliner for the teen just starting to experiment with makeup, the college girl who needs something special for her kikay kit, the working woman who must have beauty tools stashed in her office drawer, or the busy mommy who needs all her beauty essentials to be simple but fabulous!

Forbidden Fruit Limited Edition Lippie Collection, P1,399
Set of 3 shades: Mistletoe Kiss, Under The Sheets, Naughty & Nice
I love this set! I have one and they're so delicious, my little boys were begging to eat them! Uh oh! But while they're not edible, they will make your lips luscious and kissable. These lipsticks deposit color in just a few swipes, they moisturize your lips, and they stay on for a long, long time! Definitely the lipsticks every woman would love to have in this season of parties!

Note: You can buy each lippie for P549.

Sealed With A Kiss Limited Edition Lippie Collection, P1,299
Set of 3 Shades: Crushing On You, Summer Fling, First Kiss
See above comment but these shades are so sweet. Best to give to teens, or to your girlfriends who need something pretty for everyday.

Eye Candy Limited Edition 24H Gel Pencil Eyeliners, P1,299
Set of 4: Butterscotch (bronze gold), Cotton Candy (pink), Plum (purple), Watermelon (dark green)
The holiday season means it's time to give your everyday brown/black liners a rest. Give your peepers a reason to party with these super fun eyeliners! I'm brown-eyed so my eyes look really pretty with green eyeliner. If I want to look awake, the pink makes my eyes look bright and wide. Experiment with all the colors!

All these are presented in pretty tins that make them so perfect for gifts. Just wrap in a ribbon and give away! I love them! Got to see all of these goodies at Happy Skin's first anniversary party (happy birthday again, Happy Skin!) and the makeup is super cute! Even better, they really, truly do make skin happy. I've been using the SS Creme and ZZ Creme, the lippies and the eyeliners for a year now and my skin really loves these products.

I'm so proud that my friends Jacqe Gutierrez and Rissa Trillo are the women behind this brand. It can seriously compete with other major makeup brands. In fact, I've switched. My husband is so shocked! He can't believe that I choose Happy Skin over the tons of expensive and foreign makeup products I get all the time. It was easy for me—Happy Skin is friendly to my skin, my looks, and my wallet.

Shop now and have them delivered to your doorstep (or straight to the women on your gift list) by shopping online at Happy Skin Cosmetics!

*photos from Happy Skin

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Friday, October 24, 2014

Simple but fun Halloween recipes

I've never been one to celebrate Halloween. It's the Born Again upbringing. But now that I have little boys who just love to get dressed up in costumes and squeal in delighted horror when their Mama Monster chases them around the house to attack them with kisses and tickles, I gotta do Halloween! So we'll do the costumes, the scary decor, and the creepy meals.

As a busy mom, I don't have time to create gourmet party dishes. But I do want to celebrate the season with spooked-up versions of my kids' favorite things to eat. With just simple everyday ingredients, I can creep my kids out into stuffing themselves! I especially like how Cheez Whiz—which I've loved since I was a kid—makes these recipes easier to whip up. Instead of using pricey cheeses like mozzarella, I use creamy Cheez Whiz! Since it's not so expensive (but just as yummy), I can serve it generously!

Anyway, because I wanted to inspire my dearest readers into making their own Halloween snacks, my kids and I made our scary treats early so we can show you our delicious ideas!

Spiderweb Pizza
Pizza crust
Pasta sauce
Pepperoni, ham or hot dog
Cheez Whiz
Black olives (if your kids don't like olives, use pepperoni, hotdogs or nori)

Spread pasta sauce generously on the pizza crust (if you don't have pizza crust, just cut out circles in regular sliced bread). Layer pepperoni or ham all over the pizza. Make spiders using the black olives. Pop into the oven and toast for 10 minutes. While it's toasting, put Cheez Whiz in a bowl, heat in a microwave oven to soften it, then transfer to a pastry bag. When pizza's done in the oven, pipe out a spiderweb pattern with the Cheez Whiz. Serve!

You have to put the Cheez Whiz last because if you make the web first then heat, the cheese spread will melt all over your pizza! I learned that by mistake! Heehee! See what Iron Man and I made:

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Climbing walls

Thought of my Vince when I watched this video. When I met my husband, he had long hair, wore puka shells around his neck, and was ripped from his neck, arms, back, butt, thighs and legs. I think maybe even his toes had muscles haha. He was a mountain climber. And a wall climber. And all he wore were tie-dyed shirts and pants. And North Face.

Babe, I'd have loved to see you shop in this store. I'm sure you'd have shown me some moves! Mwah!

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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Monday, October 13, 2014

New Topaz Clutch colors!

First of all, thanks so much to everyone who bought a Topaz Clutch from Ni-QUA! There was a time we ran out of stock for the pink-and-brown version. I'm sooo happy for all your support! Ni-QUA is so encouraged by your patronage that they decided to give me more designs to offer you!

Here's the Tan, for a more casual, rugged vibe:

And here's the Tan-and-Pink, which is even sweeter than its Brown-and-Pink sister:

If you love me, please buy a Topaz Clutch! Get them now from Ni-QUA!
Tan and Pink

So exciting! More new colors (and maybe even prints!) brewing!

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