Saturday, December 20, 2008

That Obama magic

Well, if you didn't know it yet, Time magazine has named U.S. President-elect Barack Obama the Person of the Year. No surprise there. Everyone's so elated that a black man is now in the White House. I don't really get that, why people foucs on that. From where I stand, it's the man's platform that matters, not his skin color. Then again, this is something I don't think I'll ever understand because there's no racism in the Philippines. Just a lot of thieves.

Anyway, I always liked Obama. I don't really know his political whatever since I'm not American, but I like him. Since I first saw his smile in the pages of O magazine a few years ago. There's just a real warmth there. I like people whose smiles make their eyes go crinkly. Still, have you ever noticed how black people have such dazzlingly white smiles? From the looks of the photo here, Obama needs to go have his presidential teeth whitened before he gets sworn in on January 20, 2009. Time to go see a Washington DC dentist, Mr. President!


  1. Hi Frances!
    I'm not American either, but I'm sure glad Barack Obama won the election.
    I think his yellowish teeth comes from smoking. Unfortunately he's a smoker.

    wish you and your family a wonderful Christmas!

  2. Hey, just wanted to drop by and wish you a happy holiday season with this card I made for you:


  3. I'm worried about this guy, with all the hype, the expectations, oh my, can he hold, will he deliver?

    anyway, a nobel prizewinner has predicted he'll get assasinated, let's just wait and see...

  4. Duni, ya, smoking, coffee, wine, chocolate...

    S-C, the card is AMAZING! Thank you!

    Past, let's hope O doesn't get killed!


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