Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Finally, the Hong Kong Disneyland post!

I promised I'd blog about it so before 2008 is done and I forget entirely... here it is!

The fabulous hotel
The Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel is marvelous. Absolutely the best hotel I've stayed in in my entire life (see my TripAdvisor review). My darling husband and his sister, Lizelle, were bemused. Liz said, "Vince, you have to take her to Vegas!" And Vince teased me: "You're so easily impressed." Grrr.
The architecture and decor are Victorian Era-inspired.

The maze behind the hotel features a Hidden Mickey in the very center.

I kinda got lost actually. So pathetic!

Our romantic bedroom with a fabulous view--the hills and the sea!

Strolling around the vast hotel grounds...

... and seeing marvelous topiary like this sea serpent

Admiring the hotel (wearily) from the pier

This made me really happy
My favorite book of all time is Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass. I'm not as fond of the Disney film adaptation but, hey, when I saw Alice and other beloved characters in our quilt, I drifted off quite happily to Wonderland...

The delight is in the details
These crystal chandeliers hide an exquisite secret...

There are glass slippers everywhere!

Even the marble tiles on the floor of the grand staircase did not fail to delight the keen observer.

Then again, some details are scary
I got up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom and as I washed my hands, I can't help but feel a shiver at the mirror-mirror-on-the-wall and its eight faces. I'm not posting all their carved faces here but can you name all Seven Dwarfs?

Meeting the citizens of Disneyland
This will sound silly but when I saw Cinderella (my favorite Disney character when I was a kid), I kinda melted. Vince told me to get a picture but I got shy. Argh.
Cinderella and Princess Aurora sandwich Elizabeth and Zo

Daisy was a doll!

The King of Disneyland graces us with his presence

Family made the fun even better
We totally enjoyed the trip because we were all complete. Actually, we were all kinda dreading the trip. Imagine 6 young and very excited kids, a huge park... But we all had an amazing time! I loved how the kids loved it. Their excitement really rubbed off on me.
Here we all are at the huge HK airport. My husband's so pogi (right)!

Mommy Di and Daddy Mon picked up the tab for this fantastic trip. Thanks, Mom and Dad!
(Doesn't Vince look like his dad?)

Adorable Zo inspected our room as soon as we arrived. He said, "Wow, it looks exactly like ours!"
Zo and Elizabeth check out Anj's slide show for Mom and Dad.

And here's my favorite member of the Sales family!

Find the Hidden Mickey!
There were more than these three, I assure you. I took a lot of photos, squealing each time I found a Hidden Mickey. Finally Vince said, "You have more photos of those than of us!"
The tiles on the hallway

The hotel park fences

The manhole covers

All aboard!
A lot of people complain that HK Disneyland, being on Lantau Island, is in the middle of nowhere. While it is indeed in the middle of nowhere, it's very easy to get there. A special MTR will get you from the city to la-la land in no time at all.
The charming old-world station

Another Hidden Mickey! Hold on tight!

These sculptures are all over the train (oh, look, another Hidden Mickey!)

Oh, and before I forget... Hong Kong Disneyland!
Ooops! Funnily enough, I don't have enough pictures of the park itself! I was wondering about that until I remembered I didn't like lugging about a big camera while on the rides so we left it in our room. The ones here are on the last day of our trip.
This cute train goes around and around the park.

On the drawbridge of Sleeping Beauty's castle

Vince wanted a picture in Tomorrowland.

Me behind the wheel at Autopia scared the hell out of Vince! I kid. The car can't even go beyond 20kph, we think.
We got bored within a minute!

Oh, I had so much fun, I still can't believe it. Vince says HK Disneyland is nothing compared to the one in California, for example. I don't care! I'm planning to go back in the summer!

There you have it! Whew, this post tired me out, and I didn't even put up all the pictures! Anyway, this should be enough for you, dear readers, till after the New Year's celebrations! From our home to yours, we wish you a 2009 filled with joy, peace, love, friendship, wisdom, adventure... and magic!


  1. Cool! Nice way to wrap up the year.

  2. Hi,Frances! Nice pics and blog! I didn't even notice all of those details in the hotel! Glad you enjoyed.:)

  3. Wow! Disney ought to pay you for this post. This is more than just a blurb. :-) I am yet again inspired to do more towards that Disney holiday! :-) Make sure you get to pose and have your shot taken with Cinderella ha. Daisy is a cutie. I am so curious about that maze. I am so sure Jed is going to have the time of his life! :D

  4. Hi Frances! At last the pics of your Disneyland trip is here. I so envy you =p the pictures made me feel like I had also traveled to Disneyland without having to leave my PC.

    Now I know why I really must work on my plan to visiting Disneyland.

  5. My goodness, how jealous am I? Looks like a truly amazing place.

  6. It was really fantabulous, DaisyC! Why don't we go there next year? I was planning around June but everyone says November-December is the best time to go =)

  7. We went to Disneyland HK last summer but we didn't bring my 3-year-old daughter. We stayed in Macau though. Disneyland was just a sidetrip. Will plan to stay at the Disney hotel on our next visit to HK with our daughter this time. She'll love those details because she loves Cinderella, Little Mermaid, Mickey Mouse, Snow White, Alice, Winnie the Pooh, etc.

    Oh and... Happy, Sneezy, Happy, Dopey, Grumpy, Bashful, Doc. ;)

  8. Eeee!! Hidden Mickeys!! Now why didn't I go looking for those when I was there? :P


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