Saturday, December 20, 2008

My fantasy Christmas wish list

Five days to go before Christmas! I've already got all that I need so for this year, I just asked people to give me pretty notebooks, pens and picture frames. But if money were no object and excess were something to be fond of, these would be nice:
  • good tickets to Lion King in West End. Argh, I've always wanted to see this musical!
  • see the Scottish highlands. I'm not a beach person; I like lonely mountains and since I was very little, photos of the mysterious mountains and lochs of Scotland have always called to my soul.
  • go to Milan, Florence and Venice--the birthplaces of the Renaissance. I studied Renaissance art in college. When I went to the National Gallery and saw the paintings, I really cried. I was so overwhelmed!
  • any of the amazing Bea Valdes bags, especially the very dark Edward bag. These bags are the most incredibly detailed wonders I've ever seen. Small wonder they cost a small fortune each.
  • Chloe wide-strap boots. I talked about this this summer. I still want them!
  • a Chanel suit. Just because. And I want to be buried in one!
Yes, I know some of the stuff listed aren't that expensive. But they're unnecessary. Oh, how I hate that word when it comes to describing things I want. Still, it's good to dream and perhaps some kind soul would send me a lovely thing or two and make my Christmas all the merrier!


  1. A cute post!

    Sometimes you have to enjoy the finer things in life, er, at least the ones we can afford. :0

  2. Yes, we must enjoy the lovely stuff on earth because in heaven (or in hell!), there won't be any of the good stuff!

  3. I have the One Hundred book! Lovely drawings! I'll try to bring you one when I go to Manila :) Once I renew my passport...

  4. PS—I want the illustrated Elements of Style! May illustrated Chicago Manual of Style din ba hahaha...


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