Saturday, December 27, 2008

A December wedding!

My magazine's associate features editor Joanna Tuazon recently wed T3's deputy managing editor Elijah Mendoza. Since Vince and I are the editors of these wonderful magazines, of course we both had to go! It was a lovely day--the afternoon was cool and crisp, the beautiful bride was stunning, the groom looked like he can't believe his luck (click on the photo to see what I mean).

To Joanna and Elijah (or, in the tradition of Brangelina, the newly dubbed Elijo), congratulations and best wishes!
My gorgeous staff, Lana, Nikki, Elaine and Jay. Oh, the girl in the middle is Coni from Real Living.

Me and Vince, inside the church. I need to wear more makeup--I look so washed out!

Outside the church. The hubby doesn't like this photo sincehe thinks it makes him look fat. 
I love that comment! It's so Vince.Honey, you are not fat! Anyway, I am wearing 
a dress inyellow shantung silk designed by Vince, my fabulousgold brocade BCBG heels, 
and my topaz jewelry.

I wish I have more photos of Elijo but the couple was surrounded by soooo many people that it was kinda hard to take pictures of them. Nevertheless, we all had a lovely time at their wedding. Cheers to marriage and to that new adventure!


  1. Frances - the one photo you shot of the lovely couple is so sweet. Love the look on the groom's face! Btw, your shantung silk dress looks very stylish. I'm not sure I could carry off wearing pale yellow as well as you do!
    Lovely photos.

    take care


  2. Lovely couples! Happy New Year, Frances. :)

  3. Congratulations to Joanna! Yeah I do remembered when I was interviewed in your old office in Galleria for the Editorial assistant post of OK! you mentioned that she's getting married.
    I wish her and her hubby a blissful marriage.

  4. Ei cool wedding pics! Did you and Vince plan the yellow theme?

    About the couple's name -- I used to be neighbors with a Joanna Tuazon and I'm a Mendoza - hehe.

    Happy New Year!

  5. I love weddings,
    and wow, you look amazing in the beautiful yellow dress <3

  6. Magkamukha kayo ni Vince dito. Para kayong mgkapatid. Lovely couple! :-)

  7. Duni, I thought I wouldn't be able to carry off that pale yellow either. But again, trust the designer (my husband!)...

    TaniV, Happy New Year to you, too!

    Glaiza, I'll pass along your good wishes =)

    Ria, actually Vince was going to wear a red tie (the motif was red and gold) but I told him I wanted us to match =)

    DaisyChain, thanks! I love that dress!

    Jen!!! I will visit you soonest!

  8. Oh my gosh! I didn't know! Oh so cute! So happy for them :)


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