Saturday, December 06, 2008

Look at what I found!

So I'm currently resizing photos for this blog and I found these two from when Vince and I moved from his 1-bedroom bachelor's pad to our current one. This was June 2007. I may look happy here but I was in fact very sad because I was desperately missing this tiny place already. So many good memories!

Anyway, look at how exhausted we are! We had hired some men that we saw from the classifieds and they were horrible since they all but threw the furniture into their trolleys. They worked fast but not very carefully, so Vince and I were mortified and had to do a ton of moving by ourselves to save our stuff from getting damaged. Next time--maybe in five or ten years--we'll definitely hire professional moving services. In the meantime, we're enjoying life in our lovely new home.

Photos from Disneyland coming soon!

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