Saturday, December 27, 2008

The Christmas report

This Christmas was fantabulous. For a while, we worried we wouldn't be giving away gifts because of the terrible credit card theft last month. But God is good! Not only did we receive a ton of gifts, but we were also able to give a whole lotta material love!

Exhibit A: This push cart filled with 7 huge bags of gifts. I spent an entire two days wrapping gifts but gave up and just piled everything into paper bags.

Exhibit B: We took this photo at the parking garage and as we piled the bags into the truck, we said, "Eat your heart out, Santa!"

Our families were so happy. Truly, while Vince and I enjoyed all our gifts, we delighted more in giving. Really! I'm not trying to be cute here. A thief almost ruined our Christmas--we almost didn't want to give any gift at all since all we thought of was the expense. Then we kinda overcompensated in our attempt to fight that fear. And, to our surprise, we really enjoyed seeing everyone's face light up.

Here we are at the Sales family dinner at White Plains. Since Vince and I don't have kids yet, the niece and nephews were an adorable substitute.

Here we are at the Amper Noche Buena at Antipolo. We almost didn't celebrate Christmas, too, because this is our first Christmas without Mama. But we actually had a wonderful time just being together. We miss Mama of course, but her absence made us cherish each other more so that really made Christmas more meaningful.

Have a blessed season everybody!


  1. me too! i thought i wouldn't have enough to buy gifts for everybody (not everybody everybody but those who i love much), but i end up with a little something for everyone. it's so heartwarming to see your loved ones happy even with just small stuff that are not that expensive. yes, it's the thought that matters. :)

  2. Glad to see you had a lovely Christmas... This is random, but I love those curtains!

  3. Kaith, the older we get, the wiser we become!

    Belowen, notice how the curtains match the flowers on the tree? My Mama and I have an affinity for pink. I must post a photo of my Christmas tree here. It's a wild and vivid pink. Mama would've approved =)


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