Wednesday, December 17, 2008

End of the year so it's time for a financial review

A friend of mine in the U.S. is really having a hard time keeping a job and I've been praying really hard for her. It's not her fault really since the economy there is so bad. The economy here isn't so fantastic either but I think we're a bit better off than the U.S. For one thing, Starbucks here is still making a killing, and the city is still alive with everyone out shopping and partying every single night. I hear that in New York, the restaurants are closed. Not good at all.

So speaking of money, I'm paying for the HSBC bill next week. Ya, the bill that has about $2000 charged to it by a fat thief. Ya, it's a very merry Christmas. Actually, Vince and I do feel okay. We've bought everyone their gifts, we even bought each other gifts (I got him a really fly pair of Levi's corduroy pants and a pair of Onitsuka Tiger sneakers! He got me a fantabulous leather and brass-trimmed desk!!!) and we have enough left over to have a happy New Year.

We're even still shopping around for more insurance plans, like I said, just waiting for all the insurance quotes to come in so we can finally decide. Better to be safe than sorry, especially with the world-wide financial crisis. It's such a comfort to know though that God is so faithful and He has really blessed us so much that I didn't feel bad when I set aside the cash for the HSBC bill. Well, I did feel bad but not as bad as I thought I would!

So now I'm done with that credit card fiasco but I'm still hoping that HSBC and SM will agree that--in the face of evidence that I've presented--I really wasn't the one who went on a shopping spree last month and just give me my money back. Please pray for me!


  1. Explain to me how you're paying for credit card fraud???

  2. Hi fellow scorpio. :) This year, a former maid stole P8,500 cash from us and a dressmaker stole P31,750 worth of down payment for gowns. I was furious for a long time, but now I forgive them. I was hoping that we'd get our money back, but it has come back to us in different ways already, I decided to let it go and not stress myself. Everything's looking good.

  3. WendyB, the bank said, "You have the option not to pay, of course. But if our investigation does result in you having to pay anyway, then you'll have to pay for the full amount plus interest and other finance charges."

    We figured, damn them it's just money!!! So we feel like we've been ripped off yet again.

  4. TaniV, it's Christmas and it was a wonderful season so yes, we have forgiven them--thief, SM Cubao and HSBC. Still, I am praying I'll get my money back!!!


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