Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Scorpio girl's fortunes

I found this utterly cute astrological chart at JennyGirl that features all the Zodiac signs with the most adorable illustrations--rabbits! Here's mine:

Here's what she wrote about me, er, people under my sign:

"YOU are determined, intuitive, and passionate.

OTHER Scorpios are secretive, resentful, and stubborn. And believe me, they were not happy to hear that you were described so nicely. I'm sure that they're scheming against you. Peek out the window. They're hiding out there somewhere, right now.

LIKES Challenges, meaningful work, and being allowed to exercise their skills. And let's be honest, look at those claws. Scorpios really like pinching people.

DISLIKES Being taken advantage of, insincerity, and getting slapped right after the pinching. C'mon, nobody gets mad when a Libra weighs something. If you don't want to get pinched, don't come around acting all pinchable and everything."

Pretty accurate. I'm a Scorpio, born on the year of the Fire Dragon. My grandmother, also a Scorpio, said that I was born under two very powerful signs and, because of that, "nothing will stand in your way... I am almost afraid for those who will come up against you. They will not stand a chance!"

While I don't believe in horoscopes and fortune-telling, I did believe in my grandmother. Of course, I grew up thinking anything I want, I can get. This has worked supremely well for me. At the same time, I also have a lot of collateral damage scattered along the path of my destructive ways. Now, years later, I am painstakingly trying to repair these damaged relationships, which miraculously enough, are actually being healed because all these people I've hurt are so willing to forgive me.

Anyway, I was reading Vogue UK's January 2009 issue (with the regal and ethereal Cate Blanchett on the cover) and I chanced upon this horoscope for me:

"The best way to understand the changes in the year's first quarter is to consider your initial reaction to the unsettling events that took place late last year, and how well things turned out. This makes it easier to consider seemingly unrealistic ideas. Instead of battling shifts in your work or lifestyle, give them a try. And you're only just beginning. With eclipses in late January and mid-February triggering changes in circumstance, once-unachievable goals could soon be easily attainable."

Well, to break it down--assuming I believe in this stuff!--the first quarter of 2009 will be pretty interesting. And considering how well I did react to the "unsettling events" that happened these past few months (Mama's death, the theft), I should start bracing myself for even more changes ahead and even embrace them. After all, whatever I put my mind to, I will achieve! Wow. I almost can't wait for the New Year!

Meanwhile, there's the Christmas shopping to do, the gifts to wrap, the parties to plan and attend, the people to love, the blessings to be thankful for, and... yes, the Disneyland photos to resize!


  1. My mom's a Scorpio too!
    My horoscope for 2009 says I should take it easy and relax more...sounds good to me!
    I'm a LEO

  2. I just love Cate Blanchett! She's one of my favorite actresses because she just wows me with every performance!

  3. you just reminded me I need to pick up Vogue when I actually leave the house next!

  4. I'm a scorpio too and while I find horoscopes a little dubious, they're always fun to read!

  5. Scorpio sisters unite! We are the best, there is no denying it ;)

    PS: I tagged you! xx

  6. Oh my! My favorite bloggers are fellow Scorps! Why am I even surprised =)


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