Friday, April 09, 2010

Pregnant pics at 5 months

I still haven't bought maternity clothes. I just went to my usual dress haunts and got a medium (I'm usually a small) or a size 6 (I'm usually a 4). From the front, I don't even look pregnant. From the side, well, there you go—the big baby belly bump!

The secret to looking slim while pregnant is black, black, black! Y'all know that black can make you look like a model for weight loss pills, and pregnant Hollywood stars often turn to black to avoid looking too big.

If you don't like black, stick to one color since it fools the eye into thinking there's one long length of you. I like dark green, navy blue, gray and white! I am especially fond of this Karimadon with a big red bow on the chest--makes my new chest look even bigger, but in a sweet way!
From the front
From the side

Busy patterns, which pregnant women seem to be fond of, just widen you. So avoid them. If you do like patterns (like me!), get the small kind—you know, tiny flowers, little paisley swirls. Do not get clothes with huge circles, big teddy bears, big flowers. Also, remember that you're carrying a baby; you're not the baby. So choose sophisticated touches, not prints that toddlers will wear.

Choose clothes that are tailored—yes, it's possible to wear tailored clothes even while pregnant. Just look at this black dress again.
This is again a Karimadon (which I wore with Vita Fede bangles and Schu flats) and it came with a big belt. No need to wear the belt but after I give birth, I can still use this dress and wrap the belt around my waist, which will hopefully reappear by Christmas!

You don't really need a lot of maternity wear anyway. I think I rotate about 10 dresses. Silk jersey dresses, soft knitwear, comfy cotton—clothes that flow over the body or those that show off just the boobs or the tummy celebrate your new shape without making you look dumpy and fat—even if we are! The trick is to look slim, not be thin. A lot of women just buy maxi dresses—they look so romantic. Some women I know wear jeans and short shorts--they look so damn hot! I'm not that kind, though (wish I were!). If I want to look sexy, I just bring out my mini dresses.

So just because you're going to be a mom doesn't mean you cease to be a woman. After all, you got pregnant because someone thought you were sexy enough to sleep with! Don't forget that sexy creature!


  1. You don't look pregnant at all!!! I think my tummy is still bigger than yours heehee...and im not even pregnant!!! Lucky ;-)

  2. You are one hot momma-to-be!

    I find this post very informative even if I'm not pregnant, because I'm a big girl with a paunch that looks like there's a four-month old fetus inside.

    (Oh, and there's that clock again! I love that clock.)

  3. I agree with imnotafruit; you don't look big at 5 months at all!
    And did you know I have the exact same black shift dress right down to the slit at the neck line? Well, I guess it's a classic style and you look fab in it :)

  4. Mwahahaha I love your "you are carrying a baby, you are not the baby" comment. May mga ganyan pa ring mga preggers, sad to say. But well, to each his own. You look fab, Frances! :)

  5. you are looking wonderful Frances x

  6. Notafruit, actually that photo was taken right before breakfast. Usually, by dinnertime, my tummy balloons!

    Dea, I've also always had a tummy, too! I know you won't believe me but it's true--that's why I know all these tricks about hiding it!

    Duni, great minds think alike, they say, or in this case, great taste shop alike =P

    Hypermom, yes, to each her own--like those mommies who wear short shorts! Medyo nase-seksihan ako pero good for them! Haha.

    Thanks, DC!

  7. Frances, where did you buy the clock?

  8. True Value Power Plant for only P1,500. But I got it 3 years ago pa.

  9. you are glowing! when i was preggers, my only maternity clothes were 3 pairs of jeans, 3 pairs of leggings and a pair of shorts. other than that its all 'normal' clothes. my OBGYN would scold me because i wore 4 inch heels/wedges when i have my check ups and up to delivery.

  10. Gosh... I did not know you were pregnant. That explains the glow. Have a great time dear. It is one of the best phases - to be thoroughly enjoyed.


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