Friday, April 09, 2010

The business of SEO and blogging

I mentioned in this blog before that some bloggers earn a ton of money from their blogs. Their secret is an understanding of search engine optimization. I have no idea what that means. Well, I do know that it means using words and phrases that makes your blog appear high on the list of search engines. And for me, that's just cheating. I've been to some blogs that have manipulated the SEO and, gee, their blogs are boring.  Why would anyone want to read a blog like that? But because they're clever, they've learned how to cheat the system so that their blogs go up, up, up on the search.

Well, they may be boring but those blogs earn cold hard cash! Well, mine does, too, but not so much so I'm glad I have a job that makes me really really happy, both monetarily and in everything else! 

SEO also means having a lot of links to your blog, which is time consuming to say the least! That's going to dozens, even hundreds, of other blogs and making friends with them so that they'll visit your blog, maybe like it and then link your blog to theirs. You see, the more links your blog has, the more popular it is, and obviously that would make it climb up the search engines. There are some people who bypass this process by using a directory submission service, but I personally prefer making friends, however time consuming that may be!

Of course, since I'm a very busy woman, I really don't have the time to do this! I usually spend my weekends browsing blogs and leaving comments. I've made friends this way (ladies, you know who you are!). But since getting pregnant, I'm sleepy all the time! So thank you for still visiting my blogs and linking up and leaving your darling comments here. You are appreciated! I may not earn a lot of money from my blogs but I've earned friends. And that is priceless.

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  1. i know what u mean... i've once googled what SEO really meant and how it works and it led me to websites that made no sense at all. they claim to make hundreds of dollars a month...

    my conclusion, i can't write like that... it defeats the purpose of blogging. so i said, to hell with SEO... hahaha!

  2. I'm a self-confessed popularity freak before with my old blog, Stuff That Matters. I piled it up with different ads and commercial links that I don't even know of! One day, I just looked at it and saw nothing but junk. I put so much passion with each post but unfortunately, the whole layout was just a complete mess.

    That's when I switched to Wordpress. I was surprised that people still flock my site without using advertising tools.

    I have learned so much from your site. Thanks to you, Ms. Frances.


    Can I call you "Ate" na lang? It's just impersonal 'pag "Miss" eh. Haha! :)

  3. Hi frances! I've always wanted to MONETIZE my blog, but then again I've worked for an SEO company before and I'm really tired of all that.

    Now, I just want clean blogs with little to no ads and everything. I just want to talk about my interest without thinking too much of anchoring, linking and such because it will feel like my blog is also part of my work! Ngek! :)

  4. Naku, tried understanding SEO but then I thought, how can I write what I really want to write if there are all these things that I have to keep in mind. So, deadma nalang :)

  5. Crickette, ya. Google and other search engines have to refine their search spiders so that blogs that really have substance get on top of the list.

    Ranran, you can call me Ate or Frances =)

    Aicha, yes, actually there are bloggers who proudly put badges on their blogs: I WRITE FOR YOU, NOT FOR MONEY. I'm not one of those (hehe) but I do like those blogs better.

    Hypermom, ya, kasi minsan it feels like magazines again... you have to think of the advertiser every time you write!


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