Sunday, April 04, 2010

Time to work hard for the money! A baby is coming!

I'm feeling much much better! Been sleeping and eating all day, just resting and getting stronger by the day. Thank you to everyone who wished me well and prayed for my Jelly Bean. If it's not too much to ask, please still include this little boy in your prayers, just a quick little breath of blessing as he's only halfway through his journey out my tummy and I wish him all the love of the universe--yours!

So just a tiny update on the preparations for the little one! One sentence: We've just about depleted our savings for him! While we haven't bought anything for the nursery yet--no crib, no changing table, and definitely no toys like foosball tables --we did splurge on these:
Li'l blue Mazda 2 that Vince named Zoom Zoom. It's blue! Vince can't wait to take his son for a spin in the blue car he bought the little guy. 

An Eames RAR rocker. Its curved runners are made of really hard wood that our parquet floors--made of softer wood--get marked! Hence, the rug underneath it. I guess we ought to replace the floor. Sigh.

The hospital bills. Another big sigh! Thanks so much for all your concern, folks. I do want to say that TMC wasn't such a disaster--I am, after all, better so they did their job well. It was just the pulmo and the health insurance that caused us pain.

We've also finished furnishing the house! Well, maybe we need to replace that old sofa, but for now it will do. Here I am, organizing my magazine pile. Vince is very keen on getting the house in order for his son's arrival so, aside from the cleaning, he's also bought pieces of furniture that have finally made our house cozier than ever.

Vince and I really wanted the house to be complete before the baby arrives. Everyone warned us that when the kid's here, it's all going to be about him so we kinda rushed to make sure we've gotten everything we wanted. And now everything's ready!

Well, we haven't started with the nursery. We figured we'd wait till we meet the little guy first. After all, what if we decorate his room baby blue, then he arrives and turns out to be a brooding no-nonsense creature of the brown and black sort? Yep, we'll wait till we meet him!


  1. Dear I'm glad you're feeling much better, there are really down things in life that you don't know where to go, but after wards, you'll find that things are looking up!!!! Goodluck with your pregnancy!!! I hope you're recharged for the work week

  2. u and vince are doing a good job together... jellybean is a lucky boy!

  3. yay! congrats with your baby boy ate frances! you have my prayers! it's been a long time i haven't checked your blogs.. kakamiss! hehehe.. :D

    PS: Kate told me super okay daw yung Manila String Machine at pwede niyang sabayan. Yanni and I are getting them for our wed too! thanks for the link.

  4. Glad you're all ok, F! When you're about 7-8 months on the way, try to pack your "hospital" or "baby" bag. Click on this link so you'll know what to bring :)

  5. Good to hear you're better, dear. Jellybean is a lucky lucky boy! You're in my prayers, more blessings and goodluck on your pregnancy. =)

    PS: I'm so curious to try that RAR rocker! LOL.

  6. wow, he sure is a very lucky baby. daddy & mommy is really prepping up for his arrival.

    that rocker is just the cutest thing ever! i like it sooooo much!

    im sure that your house will be a lot cozier when the baby comes with all the little things like the baby rattles, little shoes, baby bottles & stuff decorates your house as well.


    as what my grandmum said, no house is ever complete without a kid


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