Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Impromptu anniversary date

Yesterday, April 5, was the 11th anniversary of the day Vince and I met. Yes, just the meeting. Normally, people don't celebrate that kind of anniversary but we do because, well, it changed our lives!

We met at the U.P. National Writers Workshop. When I got in the fellowship, I was so thrilled. It's every Filipino writer's dream to become a fellow in this prestigious workshop! And I got in! I knew those two weeks in Baguio, with the country's best writers, will change my life. Little did I know how--I was going to meet the man who would become my husband!

Those two weeks were just magical. I was soooo happy to be with writers and, at the same time, I was falling in love fast with the long-haired quiet guy with the big grin, who wrote heartbreaking stories and played the guitar, and can engage me in the longest, deepest conversations. Yup, we fell fast and hard. In fact, by the end of those two weeks, April 18, Vince and I were inseparable.

So yesterday was our 11th meeting anniversary. We didn't want to celebrate it actually because there's a big anniversary coming up--the wedding one on April 18. But after we visited my OBG and got a private tour of St. Luke's Global City, we figured we'd go have dinner out anyway!

But first, we had to check out the furniture stores. Of course! Vince is such a home decor geek and he really wanted to inspect the leather sofas in Natuzzi and the shelves at Jesse.

After deciding that Italian leather sofas are way beyond our budget now (big sad sigh there), we figured we'd have Italian food instead!

We just ate at Italianni's. Nice big place and we haven't eaten there recently so in we went! I like the old photos on the walls, the murals and the big iron chandeliers reminiscent of Murray Feiss lighting.

We first had a nice basket of warm bread dipped in olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Then we had a big crisp salad. See? We're eating healthy now!

Then I had a minestrone soup. I liked it--filled with chunky veggies swimming in tomato goodness. Very hearty!

Then we had this salmon dish that wasn't so good. It was tired and tasteless. Salmon should be firm and fresh and have that hint of saltiness.So I just had a bite since I didn't like it. Vince didn;t either but he ate all of it.
Then Vince finished things off with a big lasagne. These are huge servings, by the way, so I'm mighty impressed with my husband's appetite. I didn't even have the pasta dish anymore since I was happily eating the bread (I love carbs!).

So there! That's how we celebrated our mini-anniversary! Oh, then we went home and had a Big Bang Theory marathon with mugs of Selecta's Hazelnut Brownie ice cream. Burp!


  1. Happy anniversary, Frances and Vince!

    I lurve the stuffed mushrooms at Italiannis!:D

  2. Aaaaaaw! ♥ I'm such a sucker for a good love story. You two are just perfect for each other. I'm really curious about how your husband looked with long hair, hehe. Parang di ko maimagine.

    Stay in love! Wishing you more "first meeting day" anniversaries to come!

  3. I also tasted that salmon carpaccio thingy (is it the salmon carpaccio dish?)

    It's not working well with the sourness and all. It felt like I was eating Kilawin, but with the price of a steak meal.

    Oh well, I hope Italianni's leaves the carpaccio recipe to the beef!

    Happy Anniversary. My Hubby and I are celebrating our 33rd monthsary together today.

    Some people might find celebrating anniversaries old- fashioned, or cheesy, but I just love the fact that there's something that we're both looking forward to every month!

    By the way, we are going to eat at Chi's Brick Oven restaurant in BF Homes Paranaque. And if you're both food lovers, this one's worth checking out. The chocolate molten cake is looove. And the pizza desserts too! :)

  4. We carry Murray Feis chandeliers in our store!...Pietro Collection at the 6th level Shangri-la Mall : )

  5. It's very rare that men appreciate furniture. That's really cool.


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