Sunday, April 25, 2010

My Evita Peroni prizes!

I recently won my first contest while pregnant! That deserves to be mentioned because there's this belief that pregnant women are lucky, so since getting preggers I've been joining contests and raffles left and right, whether for an Xperia X10 phone (a Sony Ericsson raffle), a Tamaraw FX (a Mercury Drug raffle) and, yes, almost all the blog giveaways I can find and... I haven't won anything! Till now!

Here's my loot...

This is the Kezia band (P585) and it's in pink! Love it! It's very comfy. I'm a migraine sufferer so headbands aren't a favorite but I've heard that Evita Peroni headbands are painless and the rumor is correct!
I usually avoid headbands with teeth because my huge forehead will be exposed (ya, I can give Tyra Banks some stiff competition in the forehead department), plus with my recent pregnancy-related acne problems, I'm pretty much convinced I should hide my face since I'd be perfect for those acnepril reviews and research. But I do believe this Kezia band makes me look pretty!

This is the Stina Beaded Soft Band (P2,850). Very pretty and, again, very comfortable. My strands don't get caught in the beads at all.

Must wear this to an event soonest. The thick band helps to hide my roots, too! Although my large ears peek out. Well, they always do. Vince thinks my big ears are adorable.

Look at this marvelous Eila Pelican fascinator in teal (P3,480)! I didn't realize it was this big! I don't even know how to wear it (I think I'm wearing it upside down?).

I'm planning to wear this with my black dresses so that the piece can really stand out.

Love them all to bits! I'm already planning outfits to go with them and will definitely post photos here when I do get to wear them out in the world.

My super thanks to Evita Peroni! Vince--who happily took these photos--thinks the Evita Peroni pieces look fab on me so thank you, too, for making my hubby see me yet again in a different light.


  1. wow!
    congrats on winning such awesome prizes..

    see...preggy women really are lucky

    hope you'll have a great week ahead!

  2. You are so adorable in those headpieces, F! Especially the one with the Stina Soft Band :) Congrats for winning all those fab prizes!

  3. Congratulations Dear!!! You are lucky indeed, I've been visiting Evita Peroni store, the only purchase I've done is their gold headband with 3 florals! I love it!!! Goodluck with your other contests!!!! :D :D D You look gorgeous with all three headbands!

  4. Pretty, pretty hair accessories! I can not wait to see how you'll rock that fascinator.

    I also have a very wide forehead, it's a landing pad, I tell you. I used to get teased about it when I was a kid, I'd tell them na lang, "matalino kase ako!" :D

    I've never, ever won a raffle before! Let's see pag nagbuntis ako, hehe.

  5. beautiful hair accessories!!! congrats....

  6. those are really lovely hair accessories frances! congratulations for winning that contest. ;-)

  7. Wow, they're really nice. I haven't gone to the store to pick up my prize yet (I also won Evita Peroni accessories from Daphne's Diary). Been busy at home. I hope I can pick them up next week :-)

  8. oohhh... you look so pretty. and you're so lucky for winning. im so inggit. i think i'll go out and buy myself that kezia headband :-)

  9. spell envy Ms.F!! I especially love the fascinator and this post entertained me a lot! puro ako Ohhhhh and I can't wait to see you wear these pieces with matching nyo po agad, ha. :D

  10. Congrats, dearie! You look gorgeous, especially on the third one. The piece is a head turner, can't wait to see you wear it with an LBD. =) Goodluck on your other contests, take advantage of the pregnant winning streak! =P

  11. The headband is so cute! I like to get one for myself:)

  12. Evita Peroni is love and looks especially amazing on you :)

    Sorry, off topic but who does your eyebrows? I like them. Very neat.

  13. nice blog babe!.. i like read your post.. :D
    From Nuffnanger Malaysia... :D


  14. THANKS!!!

    Dea, haha, me, too, I say that! "Inggit lang kayo kasi matalino ako!" Haha!

    Razielle, did you get na your prize? Blog about it, too!

    Pat, I do my own eyebrows =D I learned from YouTube! But when I get too busy or lazy, I go to Bench Fix in Robinsons Galleria. The girl there (yes, there's just one woman who does it) does an EXCELLENT job!


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