Saturday, April 24, 2010

Beauty For A Living updated again!

Hi, allow me to just promote my beauty blog, Beauty For A Living.

Since I've been attending a lot of fabulous events lately, I have a lot of new stories. I've only written about a few (soap, designer wedding rings), but I'll be adding more over the weekend.

I also have been getting a number of beauty products which I'm very excited about (like this amazing new cream that promises to banish dark circles around eyes!) so I want to tell you guys about that.

Lastly, I'll be holding a beauty giveaway soon. Yes, and y'all know I can be very generous with my prizes! I'll announce it when I'm ready but I'll already give you a hint on what you'll need to do to win such a fabulous contest: First, you have to be a nerd. If you're not, then let's hope your friend/boyfriend/husband/brother/sister is! Because while the contest will be held in my beauty blog, it's really to celebrate my husband's new blog, Third World Nerd! Second, the prize is very Japanese. Curious yet? Exciting times!!!

Meanwhile, check out Beauty For A Living! Thanks and enjoy your weekend!


  1. hehe congrats on your husbands new blog!!

  2. Exciting times indeed :) I think I'm a semi-geek, haha!

    Can't wait to read your posts on the events you've been attending :)

  3. I'm excited about the dark circles cream. I have awful hereditary racoon eyes. Ive read that you can't get rid of it if it's hereditary, but still hoping something out there will work!

  4. Japanese products?! Hmmm. Is it Shu, shu, shu? Hehe. Hello and Enjoy your pregnancy! :D -macmac-


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