Thursday, April 22, 2010

Pretty purple piece tied around my neck!

Lookit my new favorite thing!

It's an Infiniti bib necklace I got at Glorietta 5. Ain't it purty?

I just love the big semi-precious stones and the crystal beads. Depending on the light, the stones look either pink, purple or magenta. So they feel alive.

I've always loved bib necklaces but found them terribly expensive. So I've lusted after them for quite a while now. So when I found this beautiful piece for a mere P3,600, I just had to have it!

Here's how I wore it:

Wore the necklace with my favorite Gingersnaps t-shirt dress and Kenneth Cole purple peep-toes. To see more cute preggy photos and understand a big reason why I love this necklace, go to my Pregnant Pics at 6 Months post at my mommy blog.


  1. Very pretty bib necklace!!!

  2. ...and i forgot to write, very pretty model :-D


  3. pretty pretty pretty!!! :) pretty necklace, pretty shoes and so pretty you!

  4. Wow, I can't get over the fact that you look so...well.. 'unpregnant'!

    The iridescent gemstones are really stunning. I love looking at big jewelry, but unfortunately wearing it totally overpowers me.

    Your styling is fabulous!

  5. that is seriously gorgeous...and you are looking wonderful x

  6. You do not look pregnant in those photos! and yes, that necklace looks very charming, I can't wear those though. but i love the colors on them stones :)

  7. that necklace is exquisite :) may i know where in greenbelt 5 did you get it? i saw some in victoria marin but i didn't bother looking because i was thinking they might be expensive, haha.


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