Monday, February 14, 2011

Aha! Another bag I want!

Sooo many invitations on my desk and email inbox right now. Lots of gadgets being launched, like the new Sony VAIO, the new LG green something, the new HTC Desire 2.2. That's Third World Nerd territory, though, so I'm browsing the Fossil website instead because also in my inbox is an email from OK!'s associate fashion editor Kabbie Rodriguez. And she said I should check these Mulberry Alexa lookalikes:
Fossil Vintage Re-Issue Messenger, $208
Fossil Vintage Re-Issue Flap, $148

Oh no! Well, it's very similar to the Alexa but it's still not the Alexa. The good thing is it doesn't have the price of the Alexa so... maybe I want one! But Vince already ordered the yellow Cambridge Satchel for me. It's his Valentine's Day gift (thanks, Vince!) so I really really shouldn't buy a new bag. I really really shouldn't!

But I'm going to Megamall this week to check it out anyway!


  1. I love the second on! Satchels are sooo cute! :)

  2. I love Fossil's leather, it's soft as butter and smells so nice. But it's out of my budget, huhu.


  3. Happy Valentines!!! I remember your Samsonite attaché case you got a few years back. Ive been scouring the earth for one just like it!! Is no more.

  4. Women and our love for bags! LOL!
    me too, ive been lemming for an alexa bag.. even a look-a-like of it since i need a document/laptop bag. i saw one in CMG, very nice, perfect look, but it costs 2,999.00.. knowing the quality of CMG's synthetic leather, i did not gamble. then i saw an add of SM bags, and saw satchels! so maybe tomorrow i can dropby and checkout their satchels.. maybe i can get a not-so-alexa-look-a-like, but will do the job just fine! il check out fossil as well, baka kang isingit sa budget!

  5. I am loving the brown one. Don't you wish money fell from trees? :D

  6. Dea, so Fossil's leather is nice? I've never actually checked out Fossil. Akala ko kasi watches lang sila.

    Karotitay, I'm not even using mine =( I thought I'd be more mobile. But with the bebe, I've been kinda stuck at home or at the office so yung ini-magine kong blogging at a Wi-fi cafe or writing at a park is no more.

  7. fossil's leather is supple, and smells like the real thing. :) my re-issue flap finally arrived. :) kate spade just came out with cambridge-looking bags, too. but they are smaller, and so expensive!

  8. Tin, yep, I just went to Megamall's branch. Nice nga the leather goods! But the re-issue isn't available there. Buti na lang haha


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