Friday, February 25, 2011

There goes my New Year's fitness resolution!

And I so wanted to have Angel Aquino's lean physique!
I quit Barre3. It was more expensive than I bargained for. An unlimited monthly membership costs P5,500. It's worth it if you go to class at least three times a week since that would be P500 a class, even less if you go more often, which had been my plan. I totally did not know that January and February were months that were super busy and stressful and that I would be sick for an entire month, resulting to me attending just 6 classes.

I also didn't account for the cab fare. To and fro Power Plant is P120. So add P120 to each scheduled class. Now I also didn't realize I'd... shop!!!! Power Plant is the deadliest mall for Vince and me. We never ever leave that place without buying anything. So with each Barre3 class, I bought a dress at Mango and Zara. Needless to say, I have overspent.

So I did not renew my membership. Sad. I really liked Barre3. It was absolute torture in the beginning but I really felt my body get stronger with each class. I highly recommend it for building strength, flexibility and stamina. For quick weight loss, always best to put on your running shoes and chase the wind!

Anyway, I haven't given up on my fitness resolution yet. Good Housekeeping editor Tisha Angluben and stylist Sidney Yap told me that there's a Core Kinesis class just across my apartment! Yes, folks, it's not in a mall! And PR guru Frank Briones invited me to try Hollywood's latest fitness program Plana Forma for free. Well, well, there is hope yet for this baby flab around my tummy! Wish me luck!


  1. Wow. Mahal pala lumalabas ang barre3. I wanted to try it out pa naman, but parang nakakatakot manggastos!

    Me, I just do mat Pilates, which is also core-strengthening. I know it well enough to do it at home now, which is good since mahal na rin mag-taxi to Greenhills (where the studio is). We just live less than a 10-minute drive away; still, cabs are newly calibrated, huhuhu.

  2. Gah I kept planning to go back to the gym this year but there's just too little time for it! I decided to just buy my own exercise machine! It's just more convenient for me since I'm such a homebody. Now I try to use it everytime I want to watch TV. That way I'm distracted from the torture. Haha.

  3. I got an invite to try out for Plana Forma instructor. Hahaha. I can try it with you if you want.:) When do you want to do core? The GH team and I haven't gotten around to scheduling it.

  4. wow right across your place? so lucky! i wish i could quit my gym membership at fitness first already but i still have months to go before it's possible.

    i love rockwell powerplant. it's so nice there. not so crowded. :)

  5. Ang expensive naman kasi! I just renewed my contract at GOLD's GYM. I had to think long and hard about it because last year I did not go to the gym for 4-5 months so nasayang yung payment ko...

    But I realized na eating is fun when you get to work out cus you get to burn all the calories anyway!

  6. hi frances! i want to start working out but haven't found the right gym/fitness program. where is the core kinesis class located? thanks!

  7. You know what, I find that Angel Aquino and Iza Calzado to be two Pinoy showbiz people who are genuinely nice and beautiful! They're proof that you can be mabait AND successful :) Um, I know that has nothing to do with Barre3, but just sayin' ;)

  8. Tisha, let's schedule that Core workout na!

    Leah, it's at Legend Hotel along Pioneer St. in Mandaluyong =)

    Mariel, I can vouch for Iza. Super nice talaga (syempre, pinsan ko yun!)


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