Friday, February 18, 2011

Taylor Swift ultimate fan guide!!!

She's coming to Manila tonight! And I'm not watching her concert!!! Kids, that's what having a baby in your life means. So I have to content myself with this:

It's a really nice magazine, by the way. Very sweet and fairy tale-ish and girly. I'm also very proud because my "kids" Lana, Joanna and Elaine created this magazine! They made a really cool mag and I feel very warm and fuzzy because my girls are so fantastic!  Yes, that's how a boss feels when the people she's mentored for so long do a GREAT JOB. I'm so lucky that way!

If you love Taylor Swift, do grab a copy. It's P150 and it's available at your favorite newsstand, bookstore, supermarket and magazine shop.


  1. I was not able to get some tickets sob sob:(

  2. I really have to grab a copy of this. Could I still have one?


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