Monday, February 28, 2011

7 things I'm loving right this minute

1. My nail polish! It's Glitzerland from O.P.I. It's a very fine crushed gold that looks great against my skin and with my topaz ring!

2. The funny Garnier video for the roll-on eye brightener and de-puffer. Only because I suffer from terrible dark circles so this actually is something I can very well relate to! (Crickette, I finally sent you this! Tell me how it goes!)

Goodies and Sweets Chocolate Cake with Caramel Sauce
3.'s Top 10 chocolate cakes. I just had that cake in the photo actually. It is love! Guys, if the girl you're trying to win is sick of getting fancy chocolates from you, try giving her cake instead! It's casual, almost friendly, and yet it's still chocolate. And if she still doesn't give you her sweet yes, then take comfort in the fact that this luscious cake is fattening! For more unusual chocolate gifts, go check out Sharri's Berries Facebook page for ideas.

4. The Mogu Mogu introduction. It's so... strange! It's almost profound! "Fruit Juice. Gotta Chew!!" What does it mean?!?

5. The Sony VAIO S. Because it's pink! Period. For more substantial reasons, check out what the Third World Nerd had to say about the new VAIOs. Seriously makes me want to buy this instead of a Mac! (Bad hair day, I know. But just lookit my smile!)

6. Rustan's Makati's red carpeted entrance. I love Power Plant but no mall makes me feel like a VIP quite like Rustan's Makati does!

7. Vito trying to remove his Thudguard helmet while eating carrots I steamed, mashed, sieved myself. But I love him every minute!


  1. vito is so cute in his thudguard, the color of your nails are so beautiful, it really suits the color of your skin and your ring... wish that maybe one day when i get a nail polish, it will have the same effect as yours

  2. loving the thudguard on vito!!! (i'm actually selling those hehehe) :) cute cute.... he can already be one of the models for the thudguard ad.

  3. Ohhhhhh I LOVE that chocolate cake from Goodies N' Sweets, too! I think they call it Decadent Cake. Can't get enough of the caramel sauce. Yummmm.

  4. Cheer, I think this gold shade will look beautiful on anyone. Try it!

    M, thanks! He's super cute!

    Manila Girl, haaay, death by chocolate talaga!

    WendyB, thanks!

  5. wow i must have been living under a rock! bakit di ko alam tong thudguard na to! hahaha.

    your nails look awesome by the way :-)


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