Wednesday, February 02, 2011

What I wore... to lunch with Tweetie de Leon

When you get invited to have lunch with a gorgeous celebrity, you kinda have to skip the jeans and tee for a nice dress. That's because you wouldn't want to look too bad beside a shining star.

Outfit details:
Zara cream dress, Nine West nude pumps, Fino doctor's bag, Charles & Kieth aviators, Ensembles golden pearl necklace, Chinese good luck beads

Tweetie. Perfect!
Unilever's Jacque Yuengtian. Loving her dress and the black-and-gold 
cuff and chunky necklace!
Pond's Age Miracle's Rissa Mananquil
is newly engaged!

Well, I tried. Beside the luminous Tweetie de Leon, I still looked like a faded rag doll! If you want to know why I had the immense pleasure of having lunch with this beautiful woman, click here!


  1. Isn't Rissa Mananquil married already? I remember seeing her wedding photos in the papers eons ago, LOL.

  2. You did everything to look your best and i say you did great :D i'm new here from nuffnang! enjoy your day :D

    A Time To Weep and A Time To Laugh

  3. Oh my god Tweetie de Leon. I've been a fan of hers since her Okay Ka Fairy Ko days, hahaha. She's so perfect! And I love Rissa Mananquil's dress.

  4. Thanks, Cheer and Jona!

    Cathie, she and the father of her child are separated na. Matagal na actually! =D

    Manila Girl, haha, me too! She played a housewife, diba? But she always wore such cute outfits. She made housewifery look adorable!

    Rissa's dress is Tyler.

  5. Tweetie looks like Heidi Klum. Equally gorgeous! =)

  6. I love your outfit Ms. Frances! Most especially the shoes.

    I remember Ms. Tweetie de Leon as Faye in Okay Ka Fairy Ko sitcom. It seems like she has not aged a bit.

  7. Frances, yeah I think that show was inspired by Bewitched, which I also love! My dad has the first few episodes on DVD. Elizabeth Montgomery wore the cutest most ladylike outfits too!

    By the way, at first glance I thought your pearl necklace was from Jewelmer. If I didn't read through the caption I wouldn't have thought otherwise. Haha. :-)

  8. Haha, wish ko lang to have a real piece from Jewelmer. It's my next thing to buy actually--a single-strand pearl necklace and pearl studs from Jewelmer. Medyo mahalia fuentes so I'll make ipon all this year! Target ko birthday ko!


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