Friday, February 18, 2011

Blog News: My likes today!

What is behind this door?
One of my blog resolutions is to talk about a blog I super like. Today, you have to check out Karotitay's blog. The latest post, "Do you believe in MOOMOO?" scared the shit out of me! Karrots, na-stress ang beauty ko!

Of course you also have to update yourself with these:
Beauty For A Living - I talk about how Avon is fighting to end violence against women
Topaz Mommy - I wrote my hubby a love post! Naks!
Third World Nerd - The hubby's last post talked about a tech tragedy!!! But, because he's such a genius, he saved us.

Click! Click! And happy weekend, y'all!


  1. HAHAHAHA! Wait... Now... whatever you do... DONT LOOK BEHIND YOU!!

    Hey thanks for the mention! Lemme go upstairs to let everyone in the attic know that they made it to Topaz Horizon! (maybe tomorrow when there's more sunlight, ha!) Hahaha!


  2. Omg! Bakit Tagalog na nag blogspot?? Is This my moomoo's doing??

  3. Muntik ng ayokong tapusin basahin nung asa part na ng attic!

  4. i saw her link from while reading your entry yesterday and i swear, it was sooo creepy. good thing, karotitay is also funny. i like it when her SIL asked the priest if he could also check her place.

  5. Ang kulet talaga ni Karotitay!

    Mav, I know! Stress pero kailangan mong basahin till the end, diba???

  6. Yup, tumitingin tingin ako sa paligid ng kwarto ko habang binabasa hahaha!

  7. Scary!!! Although reading about it is not as creepy - Tish told us this story last night at disc training in the semi-darkness with matching hand-on-the-attic-door action. :P

  8. Frances, I didn't get to tell you and Mia--that night, after our supernatural story session, I was so praning! As in I told my husband, "Please don't get mad if I have to pee in the middle of the night and I wake you up to go with me!" The stories were great in daylight, but that night--afraid!!!

  9. Ayoko na ng scary stories. Parang this week, kinikilabutan ako basta naka-off na ang lights!


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