Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Iza reveals her beauty secrets

Last week, I had the pleasure of seeing my gorgeous cousin, Iza Calzado, be presented to the press as the new face of Myra 400 E. The Myra brand ambassadors are all lovely and accomplished but I think this time, they truly found the perfect embodiment of beauty, brains, success, wholesomeness, and health and fitness in Iza.

The last time I saw Iza was mid-last year when I was nearly at the end of my pregnancy and she was at the start of her running for fitness. I asked her why she looked so fantastic and she said she's just so in love with running. I told her I'd take up running after giving birth. But of course, with motherhood overwhelming me, I didn't.

Sigh. I look so Haggardo Versoza beside the blooming Iza! I'm wearing a Mango dress
with Schu satin pumps
But when I saw Iza again last week, looking so svelte in a Luca dress and Charlotte Olympia pumps, I kinda wish I did! And her hair and skin! Oh, she was positively glowing! Iza jokingly credited our friends, (my beloved beauty team!) makeup artist Jigs Mayuga and hairstylist Ney Guesse, but she added, seriously, that it's because she's been taking Myra 400 E Vitamin E capsules.

"How long did you take Myra 400 E before you saw positive changes?" I asked her.

She replied, "I don't really know. I wasn't really aware but after a while, people were telling me, 'Blooming ka!'" She added that since she's been running and eating healthy for a while, the recent bloom must've been the effect of the Vitamin E.

Iza takes on the beauty bloggers' questions.
I am very very very intrigued! The Myra E people made sure I went home with their products--body lotion, facial moisturizer, whitening cream, tinted moisturizer and, of course, the Vitamin E capsules--and I am oh so ready to try them! Will give a review in 6 weeks!

I also want to go back to exercising. After my epic fail at Barre3, I am ready to give fitness another try. It's just that I'm soooo busy and I'm soooo tired all the time! Iza told me, "Ate Frances, you have to make your health a priority. You have to push back schedules, say no sometimes, put yourself first."

I complained, "I can't! I'm sooo busy!" And she gently replied, "The problem with that is before you even started, you already said 'I can't'."

Hmm, between Iza and me, I'm sure she's got the busier schedule and more stressful life. So if she can do it, I can, too! If she can juggle work, family, friends, love, a fitness regimen, and look amazing at the same time, why on earth can't I?


  1. OMG she looks amazing. Why is she so slim and why am I not? Haha. I kinda know the answer to that. :-P

  2. One thing's for sure Miss Frances, beauty runs in your family. :)

  3. Manila Girl, nakakalula: running, kettle bell workout and... I zoned out when she still went on and on. :)

    Miakka, awww. Thanks! She and my sister look very much alike.

  4. Not related to the post, but I have that same Mango dress in gray! I need to wear it with spanx though because my tummy is the first to show any weight gain. Maybe I should start running too like Iza who looks absolutely amazing!

  5. hi frances,

    What happened to your blog? Why does this post have a 'read more' link now? I'm sorry but I'm just not use to it. I've noticed that a lot of blogs are having this new thing (also with third world nerd. i read his blog, too! teehee) and i dont like it. I like to read blog posts ng tuloy tuloy without having to click on another link. Sorry this is just my opinion but I still love your blog and will continue to read every single post.

    Take care and God bless!

  6. Iza is so pretty! I really love her wholesomeness and positive attitude. You're right, she's the perfect face of Myra 400 E. And she's right too. Give it a try first, before you say "I can't." :-)

  7. You're both pretty. And yeah, J looks like Iza nga (noticed that during your wedding)!

  8. She does pole dancing too diba? She's really pretty and sexy! I believe in Myra 400 too, iba ang glow pag umiinom ako:D

  9. You don't look haggard at all. In fact, the first thing I noticed when I saw the pic (before reading the caption) was how good you looked, and glam, in that outfit!

    Vito is such a cuuutiepie! So, so cool he's on his feet and so strong only at seven months! Love!


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