Friday, March 11, 2011

Listen and weep

I am obsessed with Adele's "Someone Like You." You have to watch her as she sings, as she agonizes over each word in this haunting song of loss, regret and longing.

I really cry whenever I listen to this song, even though I have—gladly—no experience of a lost love. I married my great love and I love him deeper with each passing day.
At Nikki's wedding last year

I guess I cry because I am mourning for Adele (she wrote this song for a former lover) and all those who don't have what I am so grateful to have--a love that is true and deep and lasting and strong and a source of comfort and joy. I truly wish that everyone find that one true love and be wise enough to recognize it and choose it above all else. Love isn't easy but it's always worth it.

Have a happy weekend filled with love!


  1. I love live performances even on video cause you get to see the emotion of the artist in its rawest!

  2. I first heard the classical version of this song by Aston... I instantly fell in love with it. :) You can find it in YouTube.

  3. Aaah me too! The first time I heard it, napaiyak ako instantly. I thought to myself, "Ano ba 'to, ako naman ang masaya, why am I crying so hard?!"

  4. Sigh! It really makes me cry. Minsan nga I don't want to open my blog kasi I see my post and I have to listen to it again and then I cry again!

    Kwento, thanks for the Aston recommendation. It's nice =)

  5. Huhu. What a sad song.:( What can I say? I could relate to it..


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