Sunday, March 06, 2011

Up and About a Chair

Remember when Vince and I wanted to replace our sofa? We had decided to invest on a fabulous Bo's sofa that would cost us a quarter of a million bucks (trust me, the sofa was worth it!). Then we saw the movie Up and figured that since we don't plan to have kids, why not buy a his-and-hers pair?

Up was a really gorgeous movie about a boy and a lonely old man. But it's also really about a couple who loved each other so much. That's Vince and me! And those two chairs they sat on for the rest of their lives just seemed such a good idea since Vince and I are very different people and yet we like the same things, too. It's like two different chairs made for the same purposes sitting in one room... Well, that's a marriage for you!

But you know what happened next--we got this little guy! The sofa budget went to him naturally.

Anyway, thoughts of sofas and chairs were swept under the rug until my sister-in-law and her hubby, Anj and Lit Onrubia (you met them here), opened a shop dedicated to just chairs. It has a very prosaic name--About A Chair--and I like that. There's no mistaking what it's all about!

When Vince and I were newly married, the hunt for quality furniture that didn't look like boring hotel furniture was really a daunting task. We spent months just looking at shops which didn't really offer much. Or we'd find a gem in a shop and then the rest of their stuff is all blah. Or we'd find a fabulous shop but the prices are insane (hello, BoConcept and Natuzzi!). Enter About A Chair.

The stylish little shop is squeezed between Aristocrat and Queens along Jupiter St. in Makati. It's such a sweet place. I really like it there! The chairs are all iconic--from Jacobsen's Egg Chair to Eames' Lounge Chair, the shop did a great job choosing which pieces to carry. They chose design classics but those that are distinctive--no blah chairs in here! Each chair has personality. Each chair has a story!

My favorite part is that these chairs are reasonably priced. For the design, the quality of materials, the craftsmanship, I say the prices are pretty good! They're not cheap, not at all. We'd still need to set aside some moolah every month to afford these for our Up his-and-hers pair:

I chose this. I don't know what its name is (I'll ask!). It's just begging for your butt! I want to curl up in it and tuck my legs and get lost in a thick book.

The Cigar Chair is sooo comfy. The leather is so smooth and soft and the chair just hugs your entire body as you sink into its depths. It's love! It's supposed to be for smoking cigars  but I bet Vince has other ideas, like movie marathons, reading fests and PS3 weekends!

Isn't About A Chair such a fab place? I urge you to do drop by!

About A Chair: 2/F 146-A Jupiter St., Bel-Air Village, Makati. Tel no. +632-890.7602. Store hours: 10am-7pm (Mon-Sat) and 11am-7pm (Sun). 


  1. Ay, wala na yung Plains & Prints post? Holy alliteration, Batman!

  2. Ay, what's that post? Is that Rajo Laurel's new collection? I didn't go to that one so I can't write about it! Or were you referring to this old one:

    P.S. I love alliteration too!

  3. There it is! Thanks for the link! Been searching for it. Hehehehe, secret lang---I'm sewing myself a dress and wanna copy the design. *so bad*

  4. Actually, in fashion, there's no such thing as copyright. I'm serious! That's why Chanel can't say they're the only ones who can make the LBD.

  5. wow, amazing place, wish it had been around a year ago when i bought new stuff for our condo. ill definitely visit. thanks for sharing :)

    join my StiLa giveaway!!!

  6. Ooh, fab contest! Soo many entries! I'm good, I won't join =) I have closets full of beauty products! But to my dear readers, please join Ms. Eggplant's FAB STILA GIVEAWAY!

  7. Ah, the store you were telling me about. There's that Barcelona chair. Alas, no space and no moolah as of now! (I do want a real one, in white!)

  8. Waaaah, I loved Up! I especially like how in love the couple was. :) Btw, cute cute ni Vito! :)

  9. I love Up, too! Grabe yung iyak ko 10 minutes into the movie! And thanks for saying Vito's cute :)

  10. Bon and I are currently "building" our first home (for after the wedding). It's stressful and fun, but since were just starting out it's really basic. We had our first argument about the colors today... colors are very tricky. Hay!

    Those chairs are lovely. Wish we could afford nice expensive chairs, but --- maybe next time. SM chairs will do, for now! Hahaha!

  11. Frances, I have been bugging my husband to buy me a chair for our room. My peg was Mr. Bean though. Pero ang dami na naming chairs!

  12. Crickette! Wag kayo mag-SM! Mag-ipon kayo. The RL people told me to think of it this way: "When you buy a chair/bed/table, think of it as cost-per-use. Then a P50,000 dining set comes out as real cheap!" Vince and I had no dining chairs for months! As in, nakatayo kami habang kumakain hahaha. But now our chairs are really nice. Super nice! Let's talk furniture shopping soon =)

    Tita Loot, there's always room for one more!


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