Saturday, March 19, 2011

Relishing these days

Here's why:

More on that baby boy in Topaz Mommy. Hope you're finding things to be grateful for. Life is so very short!


  1. Your home is so lovely!

    But you and your son are lovelier. :)


  2. Super kyooot... Makes me want to have a baby of my own!

  3. your son is so cute. mestizo! and you look a lot like Rachel McAdams...=)

  4. Hi Frances,

    Hope you don't mind but could I ask where you got your pants in the first picture? And what shoes were you wearing with it? Love the look, soooo effortlessly polished.

    TIA :)

  5. Candz, here are the outfit details:
    Kate Moss for Topshop wide-leg wool pants
    Kenneth Cole platform peep-toes
    Forever 21 tank top
    Benjie Angeles hardware necklace



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