Friday, March 25, 2011

What a sweet surprise!

I've been feeling a bit down recently. Not exactly sad, just... I dunno... weird. Part of it is the Japan tragedy, part of it is my realization I've been a bad friend. Part of it is the fact that we spent a lot of money lately because the insurance for the apartment and the car had to be paid (know any cheap car insurance, by the way?). Lastly, part of it is the fact I was on vacation leave last week but I still went to work every day. Like, what is up with that?

So there I was not feeling very happy with myself when this arrived for me:
It's the Swatch Lady Collection in Honey Melon!

I had Tweeted some time ago that I wanted one. It was just a silly Tweet that I forgot about pretty soon after. But a follower--a very important woman who doesn't want to be named--decided to surprise me by sending me the Swatch. And not just any random watch--it's in my favorite color, too! Orange!

Thanks, G, for thinking of me and brightening my day. I feel like the world is a better place because of generous souls like you. Actually, it is a better world because of people like you and the causes you support and the people you help. God bless you!

P.S. Obviously, because of this, I love Twitter! Follow me!


  1. wow your watch really looks so nice =)

  2. Nice to know that a pretty watch can wipe away the blues :) and i like the pretty color!!!

    our family's very blessed that my brother's all okay in Japan. It's just unfortunate that because of the tragedy, he'll be unable to complete his studies there since he's coming home next week (radiation scare is high from where he lives).

  3. i love this swatch design! i too was blessed... my hubby got me the arctic sea (green) and old rose color. enjoy your new watch!

  4. Looooooooooooove the color!! Cuuuute! :D

  5. Lucky you! It's a pretty watch!
    I have a similar loop stap Swatch in patent red if only I could find it in my cluttered drawer.
    Take it easy and hope to meet you soon! Tweet-up time!

  6. Wow! Swatches make me happy, 'cuz they remind my of high school, hehe. I like the color of yours!

  7. Herroyalbleakness, it's not the watch that cheered me up really, it's the kindness that did. Glad to know your bro's safe!

    Vannie, wow, two watches! So sweet naman of your hubby!

    Thanks, everybody!

  8. i love the color of your swatch watch. so nice! :) lucky lucky a generous soul sent that to you.

  9. This is really cute! Although it would look even better if it wrapped around the wrist one or two more times, I think.

  10. WhatWeWore, that's as far as it can go. Just two loops. And I have a tiny wrist!

  11. I just bought this in the baby pink. I love all the colors. I am seriously thinking about getting the baby blue too! Yikes.


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