Monday, March 07, 2011

Red lipstick and animal print!

At a lovely lunch at Lu with Preview editor-in-chief Pauline Suaco Juan, I was admiring all the animal print going on in the March issue:

Then I said, "Ya know, Pauls, it's my beauty resolution this year to wear red lipstick and my fashion resolution to wear animal print. I'm 34. I should be able to wear those bold looks with confidence, right?"

And she said, in shock and disappointment, "Frances, of all the people in the world, you're the one who can pull off red lipstick and animal print most! Your personality is just so... so..."



Later, at dinner, I told Vince the exchange and he said, "Well, that's exactly why you don't need red lipstick and animal print."

Yeah, on others it's a look, a style, an armor. On me, well, with my hearty laugh, my strong opinions, my quick temper, my wild gestures, I'd just look... LOUD. What do you think???

Mebbe not? Mebbe yes! Mebbe I can start with shoes and a bag?
Christian Louboutin Leopard Slingbacks
Mulberry Bayswater Leopard Bag in Camel 


  1. I like animal print, but in moderation. I suppose I'm traumatized by seeing my aunt sporting a full body tiger print bodysuit back in the 90's. Haha.

    I do have nice flats in animal print. They're subtle enough to not scream "PETA, blacklist me." They're comfy; Aerosoles, so they're like everyday shoes for me. (Can't afford Louboutin pumps or Lanvin flats!). London Sole has nice ones in animal print, too, and have some on sale now.

  2. oooohhhh wowowow! in love with the heels!!! kung pwede lang ito pang-hatid-sundo ng mga bata no???
    i still kept my leopard-print mules so maybe it's time to take it out of the dusty box for girls' night out :)))

  3. Martine, I admire your aunt's chutzpah! =D Yes, I think I will get flats! It's discreet enough, just enough to add pop to the outfit. Argh, I'm sooo boring!

    Mom-Friday, I know, right?! Yes, take them out. Animal print is so IN these days!

  4. I am lovin' that Preview cover!

  5. I LOVE animal print. My first animal print was zebra printed heels from Figlia in the 90s. After that first time it's no big deal anymore. A good start is animal print underwear. Subtle and sexy. And you'll still feel like rawring.

  6. I love animal prints, though I don't think I've ever paired it with red lips. Hmm. Same with Martine, I try to wear it in a subtle manner, since animal prints are usually "abused" by many. =P

    PS: Nain-love ako sa shoes, but can't afford Louboutin yet! *laugh & sigh*

  7. Rone, WendyB and Dangski, I didn't start small. I bought two fab dresses. So hawt! So zexy!

    I don't know why I've avoided animal print. I totally ROCK this look!

  8. I remember meron nice animal print tops sa Tango. The heels are so lovely! Sad to say totally out of budget yan haha!

  9. Tango is where I bought my dresses! Shet, must post photos soooooon!

  10. Ooh, exciting! Pics are in order! I don't wear animal print clothing (I have a leopard print chiffon scarf, though). Shoes and accessories lang muna. I agree with RONE about animal print lingerie though. Rawr, indeed. ;)

  11. If you want to ease yourself into that, try red lip gloss and animal print accessories. :)

  12. Me and lipsticks don't go together, but I am forcing myself to use them (I kinda do, when I go out, but I more comfortable with lip stain). Animal prints --- I don't think I've worn any. Vince is funny, but I think he's right. You don't have to look fierce, you already are...

    But, the bag is lovely though ---- hehehe!

  13. Hi Frances, just started visiting your blog recently. It's a great read! :)

    Most of the time I feel like a kid playing house, but one of the things that forcibly reminds me that I'm no longer 17 is red lipstick. Then I worry that I'm turning into my mother (who LOVES red lipstick).

    I just bought a gray leopard print scarf and I'm wearing it to bits these days. It dresses up even the most tamad outfit.

  14. Ooh! The Louboutins would look FIERCE on you! Like! :)

  15. I'll wait for that post, naku po ako din I heart Tango!!!

  16. Martine and Rone, I do have animal-print underthings. RAWR! =P

    Michelle, no easing myself into anything! As I mentioned earlier, I bought two dresses!

    Deepa, thanks for dropping by =D Welcome to my silliness!


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