Tuesday, March 01, 2011

What I wore... to brunch with fellow editors

Had a really really lovely brunch last week at Momo at the Ayala Triangle Gardens. To whoever said magazine editors starve themselves to death, well, you haven't met the editors I work with. We love to eat! It's almost embarrassing how we gobble up food. Diet is an alien word!

From left: me, Good Housekeeping EIC Tisha Alvarez Angluben,
Smart Parenting EIC Mia Fausto Cruz and Women's Health
EIC Lara Parpan
We had truffled eggs, scrambled eggs, sausages, tapa, waffles, pancakes, fruit, jellies and jams, all washed down with Illy coffee and guava tea. Burp!

We also talked about scary ghost stories (this was the fault of Karotitay's blog post). Mia Fausto Cruz had the scariest ghost stories ever! Like our hair was super standing on end. It's a good thing we were bathed in sunlight because if our meal happened to have been dinner, I think we'd be screaming our heads off!

Here I am with Cosmopolitan EIC Zo Aguila and Tisha. Beige and tan, yup, the colors of the day! I'm wearing a Paper Dolls dress, Nine West sandals, Charles & Keith shades, and that's my super duper loved Fino doctor's bag.

Speaking of screaming his head off, this little boy just recently discovered the joys of being very very loud. He loves waking up and announcing to the world he's awake by shrieking happily... into his parents' sleepy ears! And when he's unhappy and upset, well, same thing! What a loudmouth! Just like his mama!


  1. Frances! May I have a copy of the photos too? I've been wanting to blog about this brunch din! I really had fun, and the food was so good!

    Mia has the scariest AND the funniest stories! Haha

  2. Glad you wear local brands! So refreshing, I'm pretty sick of Gucci, Chanel, LV and the like... You look beautiful! Goes to show it's not what you wear, it's how you wear it and who wears it!!! :)

  3. Y has been my alarm clock every morning! Cute babies.
    Love your shoes!

  4. Hi Frances! I know my question's a bit off topic from the blog post. But I couldn't help notice your lovely home, I know you've mentioned several times that you live in a condo. With your home's color palletes, blue and white, how do you keep everything spiffy clean? Husband & I live in a condo as well at the Fort and since we don't live in the area where cars are densely populated I'm super stressed with all the dust that accumulates everytime I open the windows. Do you just keep the aircon on 24/7?

  5. Cream suits you, F! I remember your other cream dress that you wore to lunch with Tweetie and super bagay sayo! =)

  6. Tisha, grab away!

    Sunshine, local brands are great! And, if dresses, mas suited to our Pinay shape and weather.

    Candz, no aircon! My gas, we really try to help the planet by not consuming so much energy. Open the windows kami lagi to let in the (polluted EDSA) breeze! How do we keep the condo clean? Clean every single day!

    Thanks, Teeyah and A&D!


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