Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The smell of leather intoxicates me!

And right about now, it's everywhere! Remember when I was going on and on about this bag?
Kate Spade Marielly Sutton Place Cross-Body Bag
Well, blog reader Eper left a comment on my Facebook page saying she found a fabulous deal for me: Kate Spade was on sale and the Marielly was 50% off! I immediately clicked on the link she sent me and, indeed, Kate Spade was on sale! So I bought... TWO! (Thank you, blogging money!)
I woke up to the heavenly smell of leather
and the sound of crinkly tissue paper!
It's such a cute bag!
And it opens up to a tote if you need more space!
One for me and one for my dear dear dearest friend Mariel! I figured she should have a bag that has the same name as hers. Besides, it was her birthday and it was Christmas, too. So Mariel and I both had a merry Christmas!
That's just-woken-up me! Good morning indeed!
I love my new bag. Soooo much! Will post an outfit photo soon!


  1. I love that a reader kept her eye out for you! Nice!

  2. I know what you mean about the smell of leather! Intoxicating!!! Congrats on your new bag! Will wait for your outfit post.

  3. Aw, I hope it goes on sale again so I can purchase one. It's so expensive locally...around 18,000 pesos!

  4. Oooh nice bag! I like that it's roomy!

    I'm in love with the "All Typed Up" bag but parang it's sold out na!

  5. Definitely Yummy air! Nice bag Frances :)

  6. This looks like what I have. But mine is a J Crew Laramie tote. Works almost the same.

  7. WendyB, ya, that was really nice of Eper =)

  8. I looove the bag, Neighbor! :) I love how versatile it is, the classic color, how it looks simple but expensive (I guess that's what you get with real leather), the sling strap (perfect over bulky winterwear!), etcetera, etcetera. Thank you again and again :)

  9. Mariel, you're welcome =D I like that we both have it!

  10. I LOVE the smell of leather too! Like, I have a really hard time saying no to leather shoes. This puts me in a dilemma though, because I love animals and I kind of feel guilty for the cows that died for my shoes to exist. :\

  11. Aww, guilt robs you of pleasure. If it really bothers you, there are a lot of vegan shoes! But they don't smell of leather...


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