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Sunday, April 10, 2011

It's Valentine's Day all over again!

So Vince ordered the Cambridge Satchel from chocolate schu bar for me. It was his Valentine's Day gift. I was over the moon, I tell ya! schu told us to expect the shipment by March but delays in shipping do happen--I know this because I shop online a lot so I didn't mind at all.

And then, last Friday evening, Ruby of schu DM'd me on Twitter:

I was sooo excited! I kept Tweeting my excitement!

However, I had to wait till today before we finally picked up my new bag. Apparently, I am patient after all!
Vince gives me the best gifts--Vito being the bestest!
Et voila!
I love it!!! Will post a detailed bag feature on Beauty For A Living soon! Sigh. Happy Valentine's Day! Thanks, Vince!


  1. I LOVE IT. suits your sunny personality!

  2. Ay ang beautiful! I love it in yellow and I love it on you! :)

  3. got the green one! love love love!

  4. Love it! Sunshine bag! :)

    ps. Your Vito is such a cutie pie!!! I wanna have ten just like him

  5. Ang nice. =) I like another color for myself, but yellow suits you very well. =) Yep, Vito is the bestest!

  6. love it! thinking of getting a red one. my hubby got the 15" batchel for work :D will bagnap it soon!

  7. Bag lust!!! So pretty! LOL @ "patience is a virgin." :-P

  8. hi frances! nice one! i wanted to get a yellow pero naunahan na ako. but i was able to get the green one, in 14. :)

  9. vito is adorably wide eyed! hehe cccuuuttte =)

  10. Vannie, ok lang yan. Apparently, everyone has the yellow bag!

    Kaladkarin, hehe, kyuuuut talaga! Thanks!


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