Thursday, October 30, 2008

Beautiful strong bones

So I may be flabby and un-muscly, with weak eyesight and even weaker lungs but at least I know I have strong bones!

In keeping with the season's spooky themes, today's entry is about my skeleton. Yesterday at work, we had a bone density scanner machine. The scan would normally cost Php 4000 (USD 85) at hospitals but the service yesterday was free so we all lined up to look into our bones. I was afraid I'd have weak bones. Being lactose intolerant, I don't drink milk and avoid dairy. That's why I'm small (I'm a mere 5'4") and skinny (my wrists and ankles are the tiniest things). And I don't exercise so I know my bones aren't being reinforced by physical activity. So there I was dreading away.

But surprise, surprise! The machine read that my bones are actually okay! I scored a 1 (the scale was -2 to 2, -2 means you're extremely high risk for osteoporosis and 2 means your bones are strong and healthy). I got a 1! The bone analyst said my diet of green leafy veggies and fish supplies my calcium needs although he warns that if I plan to get preggers soon, I better up the calcium intake.

So that's my happy news today. Happy Halloween!

*image from Clipart Heaven


  1. Woo strong bones
    (I dread to think of the state of mine. I'm not so good at looking after the body)


  2. Enjoy life now! I only started taking my health seriously when I turned 30. =D

  3. What makes bones weaker is lack of minerals and calcium in the body. Drinking and smoking too much can also damage or makes your bone weak.


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