Friday, October 31, 2008

Meet my old baby girl

She's Galadriel, named after the elf queen in Tolkien's Lord of the Rings. She's almost 7 years old, a grandma in rabbit years. This was taken two years ago, when she was perky and plump and fast. Yes, she's 2 feet long with a 17-inch waistline. Fat wabbit!

This was taken when she was first brought home. What a fist of fur! Oh, how she skidded about the parquet floors and nosed about every nook and cranny, jumped high over any obstacle, and basically was super adorable.

She's slow now, preferring to lie quietly in the sun. She still loves her cuddles though. When Vince and I are anywhere near, she'll hop slowly to our feet and nudge us, demanding to be petted and loved. And then we'll oblige of course and she will sit quietly, happily, content. I get sad sometimes, afraid that my darling baby will leave me, too, just like little Alice in the photos below, taken almost a year ago.

Oh, how we love our baby bunny! She's our darling dearest. Vince and I adore her to bits!


  1. So cute!!! I love bunnies. I was just talking about the late Oolong, the bunny who balanced things on his head. Do you know about him?

  2. OMG they are adorable. I always had bunnies growing up. Puff and Jenny. Puff looked just like your little one. I just love them. I unfortunately cannot have them where I live so seeing them here is a real treat.

  3. Oh what a big cuddly bunny! I bet she is soooo silky and soft. Very cute pics!

  4. Awww Galadriel is so adorable! As was little Alice - it's so sad she couldn't live on :(

  5. Just so "adowable wascally wabbits" you have for pets.


  6. Aw she's so precious! And what a great name, Galadriel! I've decided that after it being said I look like Galadriel from LOTR, so many time, next costume party, I'm dressing up as Galadriel! :D


  7. I had a pet rabbit. I love rabbits! they're so low maintenance...
    One day my rabbit got away and our neighbor's dog ate him. The dog's owner said, "OH LOOK AT OUR DOG, it SAVED your bunny!" I was so furious and sad.

  8. Oh WendyB, who is Oolong??? I'm so curious!

    JodaPoet, the rabbits did influence where my hubby and I lived. We always asked, "Are pets allowed?" These rabbits, so troublesome! =)

    Carole, yes, she's super cuddly. When you lift her in your arms, she just nestles in there. So sweet!

    MissKaren, yes, we miss Alice a lot! thanks for your kind thoughts!

    TashaBud, indeed! Adowable and wascally!

    Susannah-C, Galadriel's costume in LOTR is fantastic! I bet you'll look ethereal!

    Filipinas, that is just so sad =( Horrible!!!

  9. OMG, how adorable. I love bunnies. We have a huge cat sharing out home...

  10. cute cute cute bunnies!

    frances, how do you take care of rabbits as pets? i remember when we were younger my dad used to buy rabbits for pets but they just stay with us for a month or so and then they die. :(

  11. Duni, cats and rabbits are great pets to keep together! Well, as long as you get a BIG rabbit! I actually want to get a cat...

    Cris, try to get an older rabbit. The tiny rabbits at pet shops have delicate tummies--they should still be drinking milk. So we buy them and then they die because their tummies can't digest the pellets and veggies we feed them. That's how my Alice and Saruman died. I got them too young.

    I also got another rabbit, Matilda, too young but I brought her to the vet soon after I bought her. We gave her probiotics to help her tummy digest. And now, Matilda is a big fat rabbit! Will post pics of that crazy bunny soon!

  12. i love your rabbit she is so adorable!

    i tagged you in a blog, go check it out =)

  13. I tried potty-training my sister's rabbit but failed miserably. Now I'm getting married and I can't bring my three dogs with me to our new I'm starting to consider getting a rabbit. Do they shed a lot?

  14. Oh wow... how were you able to bond and introduce the rabbits?


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