Monday, October 27, 2008

Shoulda Woulda Coulda

This is for Mama who passed away exactly a month ago. I miss you dearly.

I don't believe in dwelling on things that I should've done, shouldn't have done because at that time, that was my truth and I needed to live that truth. I lived the way I lived and I did what I had to do to be happy, to grow up, to find me. Still, when the silence becomes deafening I can't help but feel sorry I put you aside so that I can be me.

I know I'm right where I belong
But sometimes when I'm not that strong
I wish I, wish I'd done a little bit more
Now shoulda woulda coulda means I'm out of time
Shoulda woulda coulda can't change your mind
And I wonder, I wonder what I'm gonna do
"Shoulda woulda coulda" are the last words of a fool.


  1. you take care of yourself. have a savvy day.

  2. One month is no time at all.

    I'm so sorry for your loss. And I agree with savvy -- please take are of yourself.

  3. Not dwelling on things is sometimes easier said than done. *big hug* I'll include your mom in my All Soul's Day prayer vigil.

  4. hi frances! thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. i'm sorry to hear about your mama. you take care and i hope to see more of you.


  5. What a beautiful song - a great tribute :)

  6. I really admire that you don't dwell on things that you "coulda, shoulda done"
    This was a very nice blog =)

  7. Thanks, everyone. It was a bad day. I think from now on, the 27th will always be a bad day =( But your kindness helps. Thank you!


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