Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Straight vs Curly

Just came from a rather interesting press lunch. It was for Sunsilk's newest line, the Sunsilk Style Collection. The styling products promise to make hair sleek and shiny or bouncy and full of body. What made the press conference interesting was this segment called "The Great Hair Debate: Straight vs Curly." The debate got really nasty! Here are snippets:

Straight: "In job interviews, straight-haired women will get the job more than curly-haired ones because curly hair means they're messy and unreliable."
Curly: "That's because straight hair is boring. So women with straight hair are boring!"
Straight: "Well, curly hair makes women look fat!"
Curly: "Curly is sexy! Curls just wanna have fun!"
Straight: "Poodle!"
Curly: "Stringy!"

And so it went. Woah, ladies, it's just hair! Personally, I like hair that's wavy and full of body and bounce. I do feel that super straight hair is just a tad ho-hum.

Exhibit A: Jennifer Aniston on the cover of Rolling Stone. She may have a rockin' body but with her super sleek hair, she still looks sweet and safe.

Exhibit B: Angelina Jolie smolders on Vanity Fair. ’Nuff said.

Both stars are lovely but hair that's big and wavy just adds more dynamite, don't ya think?

So... curly or straight? Why? Tell me what you think and I'll give away one set of Sunsilk Style Straight & Sway (shampoo, conditioner, cream and wax), and one set of Sunsilk Style Curls & Wave Bounce (shampoo, conditioner and mousse)! That's two sets. That's two winners!

*How to win:
1. Winners will be randomly picked by me. Please don't contest the results. I have different qualifications depending on my mood!
2. Winners must have a Philippine address since shipping outside the country is expensive.
3. Please comment in this format: your answer, the collection you want (just one!), your first name, city where you're from, and email address.
4. Please do not put your full name and delivery address in the comment box since this blog is not secure. If you put your personal info, I will not be responsible for any identity theft and other problems that may arise from your actions.
5. I will announce the winner in a blog entry on November 1. I will also publish all entries then.


  1. I have naturally wavy hair so depending on my mood, I wear my hair wavy or straight. Even with straight hair, I still want a little bounce. Flat hair is just so ....

  2. Hi Frances! :D Remember me from UP?

    I was going to finally have my hair rebonded when I found an article citing a study that found "...People with curly hair are thought of as 'low maintenance, independent, self starters, trustworthy and go getters'-- all qualities that make up an ideal job candidate." In a nutshell, curly hair gets the job!

    I'd like the Sunsilk Style Curls & Wave Bounce. :D


    Las Pinas City

  3. ei, my hair falls straight and will continue to do so even after its been curled and super fixed with all the salon's fixing potions. so that always makes me want the wavy, bouncy hair. but. your exhibits are a bit unfair... jen will always look sweet and safe even with wavy, bouncy hair and an s&m outfit. and angelina will always smolder -- even with straight hair and a sack on.

  4. I have always wanted curly hair! I really really love it. Mine is naturally wavy, and I braid it to enhance that, but it's not the same.

  5. My hair is naturally mad curly,
    I often straighten it when I want to feel more put together,
    and leave it to dry naturally mad if I feel more carefree.

    I don't think how your hair is should impact other people's judgements,
    both look fantastic!

  6. Okay, are all my readers from other countries??? No one is joining this contest as I'm publishing comments that are from foreign lands.

    Anyway, Ria, yes, my examples are unfair kinda. Angelina can be bald and she'll still kick dear Jen's ass in the looks department. That said, I am Team Aniston. I'm a wife. Of course I'm Team Aniston!!!

    SavvyMode, Annie and DaisyChain, I'm also a wavy haired gal. But because of our humid weather here, the waves fall flat and lifeless--not sleek and straight, but frizzy and flat. Oh well.

  7. oh, i used to have wavy hair then i had it curled and now it's rebonded. haha.

    but personally, i would've wanted to go back to my wavy-can-do-everything with it hair. because with it, i can use a curling iron and go out of the house with an extremely sexy hairdo. OR i can use a straightening iron and don the prim and proper look. i kinda don't like the all-straight hairdo because yeah, no offense to those who have super straight hair, i find it too boring and too conventional.

    so, it's wavy and bouncy for me! except that i now have straight, rebonded hair. boohoo! my comment is a telenovela! hahaha.

  8. Hi Ms Frances. I want curly/wavy hair. My hair is naturally straight. Yup, it's boring most of the time, but it can be dramatic as well. I love Angelina Jolie! I love her hair. she's not afraid to experiment with her glorious hair. Maniston is so pa-tweetums. I used to like her for her Rachel hair, now she's just plain Jen. The body is too anorexic for me. Sorry. I love Angelina's post-baby bod more. Back to hair, I'd love to win your contest. I want the Sunsilk Style Straight and Sway. :) So I want curly hair, but I want to win the product for straight hair. :)

  9. * my hair is naturally wavy, so curly! before, i despised my hair because it's so buhaghag.. but lately, i got alot of feedbacks from other people saying that my hair is beautiful coz it's wavy.. straight hair is okay for as long as it's not rebonded.. i don't like hair looking stiff like a 'walis'.. ;p

    * Sunsilk Style Curls & Wave Bounce

    * Vanessa

    * Angeles City


  10. I inherited my curls from my parents. For some time, I tried straightening my hair but the curls came back with a vengeance always! Since then, I've come to embrace my curls - along with the realization that I have to love myself the way I am - curls and all!

    Sunsilk Style Curls & Wave Bounce

  11. I used to have naturally wavy hair but as years go by, it started to look straighter (weird, huh!). Personally, i like the wavy hair. It has more oomph! and with all the straight hairs going around, it actually stands out when put together nicely.

    Hey, from Davao:D

  12. I think it's best to have straight hair. I had my hair curled once and then had it relaxed. I'm impossible to please :P

    Curly hair requires loads of time and suave to get it managed. I wake up almost every morning cursing how poofy my head is when I had curly hair. I'm a student and I don't have much time to style my hair in the morning, (and I always wake up late). So I had it relaxed and it's hassle free. Plus it looks clean and I can curl it with my iron anyway during special occasions. My only problem with it is that I had to condition it because it's chemically treated but I'm happy that it's straight and I don't have to comb it anymore so that it would look neat.

    So if I were to choose, I'll pick the straight and sway collection.


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