Thursday, October 23, 2008

Still looking for a desk!

We moved into our lovely condominium just over a year ago and everything is in place except for my own desk, a bed frame and a seriously wonderful shoe cabinet. The shoe cabinet has to be custom-built since Vince and I have a lot of shoes. That's the great thing about my husband--he'll gawk and complain when I shop for dresses and accessories and stuff, but when I come home with shoes and books, he is wonderfully supportive. That's our huge vice--books and shoes!

Anyway, I'm beginning to think my desk has to be custom-built, too. I have scoured the shops and markets and have not fallen in love with anything. Nothing!

I did see this photo from's section on computer desks and I think that's feasible. It's compact, simple and saves space. Maybe I'll just have the whole thing done in dark wood or a bright pink. A candy pink! Maybe a happy yellow! Or basic white. Gee, now that I've found a desk, I have to worry about the colors next. Sigh, it never ends...


  1. Good luck with your hunt. Your desk must be scratchproof and spillproof too. For colors, dark wood is good.

  2. this entry reminds me of Carrie Bradshaw. Lol, the right desk will help her write more :)

  3. Hey TaniV, ya, I was thinking maybe the finish will be enamel! or something plastic. Dark wood is great and it ages well, too. But the house is filled with it na so I'm kinda rebelling against it.

    Siren! The observation is astute. The right desk will make me write more!


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