Sunday, October 19, 2008

Blogs I love: Their outfits rock!

Okay, today is a sloooow Sunday and I'm just spending the afternoon reading up on my favorite blogs. I follow a ton of blogs. Most I discovered through their comments on my blog, a lot I just found through Entrecard (I love Entrecard!), and a few I landed on through links upon links upon links. So you can imagine how my husband complains about the time I spend on blogging!

Anyway, I'd like to invite you to check out five blogs that I love. Yes, just five (I'll blog about the rest in installments!) and they're all about dressing up! I am so in love with these girls because they really know how to put together a smokin' outfit!

I love her blog title. Because that's me! When I was younger, I got a lot of comments for being a snob. Actually, I just couldn't see and recognize anyone because I'm very myopic. Once I got glasses and contacts however, I've become the friendliest person on earth! Back to the blog... I love Karen's wittiness--her thoughts, the way she writes, the way she puts clothes together, how she finds the most fabulous vintage photos, and even how she puts on eye makeup!

I'm particularly enchanted with Wendy because I read about her first in Marie Claire before I found her blog. Wendy is a jewelry designer so her blog is more about what inspires her to design, all of which are very interesting whether they're pop or historical figures or dear friends. Oh, and her fashion choices--while sometimes outrageous--are always bold and beautiful. And she's the only one I've seen who can do that horrible rolled-up jeans with heels trend and still look gorgeous!

This girl has got to have one of the prettiest faces I've ever seen. And when she dresses up--it doesn't matter if it's a shirt or a dress--she still looks absolutely divine. What's great about her is she's not just pretty on the outside; her thoughts are really interesting, too. This is one sensitive soul and her posts are always raw and intimate and out there.

Okay, with a blog title like that, you just know she's wild and wacky and fun! Honestly, I can never bring myself to wear what this funky girl wears but I do admire her spunk and style! And she always poses against an orange wall, which I assume belongs to her house. An orange wall! I've always wanted an orange wall! And a fuschia! And a neon green! But because I'm terribly boring, I can't. Well, my house has yellow walls and a Tiffany blue one, and a coffee-and-cream combo, and a Chinese lacquer box-red one. So... I'm getting there, Annie! Oh, and I haven't done the bleach-shirt job yet!

Well, I already blogged about Jane and her mom and her sister before so you know how I love love Sea of Shoes. The shoes are out-of-this-world fabulous. The clothes are far out fantastic. And the girls are just utterly glam. Sigh!

To these blog authors, thank you for inspiring me. Please keep on dressing up and blogging!

*images from their blogs, used without permission. Ooops! Please click on the pics to be directed to their blogs. Thanks!


  1. I'm glad my jeans pass muster with you! :-D

  2. Oh my, you are the sweetest of the sweet and have put the biggest smile on my face!

  3. Oh I love Karen and Laura (aka Daisy)! I don't know the other bloggers at all or as much, so will have to check out their blogs! :)


  4. Oh thank you for the shout out my sweet! I really appreciate it :)

    Ps. Congrats on learning how to drive too - I'm the worst driver in the world (it doesn't help that I have a phobia!) so I know it's a big achievement!

  5. Oh, what a nice surprise! Thank you--it's an honor to be included with those other bloggers, as I admire them also (but I hadn't seen Daisy Chain Dreams yet, so I'll have to go check her out).
    Yes, I have an orange kitchen. :D
    Your walls sound pretty awesome to me! <3

  6. Is it just me or does Karen look like Katie Holmes-Cruise in that photo?


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