Thursday, October 09, 2008

I'm famous!

Part of my job as a magazine editor is to go promote the title. So we had huge billboards made along the Luzon expressways...

... and another electronic one plastered downtown...

... some posters were sent to some little towns and I don't understand why these boys are so enamored with a gossip rag...

... maybe, they wanted to see if we featured stars like Victoria Beckham, who, by the way, talks about her favorite editor here...

... finally, Vogue couldn't resist making me their cover girl!

Oh, but I can be infamous, too! Some paranoid people have been putting up these posters and they are seriously damaging my rep!

Hahahahaha! I'm super loving PhotoFunia. The effects are amazing! Thanks to Colors Changing Hue for the link. I had so much fun. It's like the wigs again since I get to play. Mama would've had a big giggle over the pics =D

UPDATE: Guys, these photos are a joke. I got more than a few text messages on both phones asking where exactly on the expressways those billboards are. Please click on the PhotoFunia link above so you, too, can have some fun. I repeat: The photos are FAKE!


  1. Well you fooled me, I though these were real, until I got the Vogue cover and then I was like, "Wait really?" I was thinking man, how did I miss that she was so famous! :P

    Anyway these are fun! :)


  2. Teehee, OK!'s managing editor got tricked, too! She was, like, "NO WAY! We have a billboard?!" Love it, love it, LOVE IT!

  3. I am so going to try this out. Kaka aliw. :D

  4. I also discovered photofunia and played with hubby's pics. I put them in my friendster. I had comments on the one with Paris Hilton holding his pic.

  5. Oh goody! I love your photoseries hehehe !!! you're welcome!! Aliw no?! :0)

  6. Gosh, Frances. I was all set to congratulate you on the billboard. I even made a mental note to check it out today. :)

  7. You got me fooled too! I was ready to comment that "You must be feeling like a true celebrity" until I read the comments. I'm so gullible! Anyway, it looks like you really had fun with them. So cute and very impressive graphic work and great promotional layout. Make sure you save this for your personal work portfolio. It will impress hiring agents of your promotional ingenuity, should you leave your present job.

    BTW, just not to get sucked in again, are you then a real magazine editor? Or is this just one of your pranks as well? Hehe.


  8. Jennie and Tani V: You must post the pics on your blogs so I can laugh, too!

    WendyB: Do try it out! Looks like your kinda thing!

    LovelyDays: Gotcha!

    Tasha: Yes, I'm really truly a magazine editor. I enjoy my job so much, it really does feel like it's also a fun game!

  9. I am so impressed! You had me going! I thought those were real!

  10. HAHA i love the harry potter one!

  11. these are nicely done!!! looked real - with the first photo, i was racking my brain on where it is hahaha... for a sec there, i thought i've been away too long!


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