Monday, October 27, 2008

More on how my skin cleared up

Someone left a comment about how the "engagement-as-an-acne-cure story is cute" but he/she thinks I actually did use a product.

Well, dear curious reader, I was taking Yasmin. It's what my obstetrician-gynecologist prescribed for my endometriosis and what my dermatologist prescribed for my acne. I was so happy that two doctors told me to take the same thing to address two different conditions. Apparently, since my pimples were cystic and I had an endometrioma (or cyst) on my right ovary, then they are one and the same so one treatment can alleviate both. At least, that's the theory that worked happily in my case.

So that's the internal treatment. Now for the external. Rose, now my sister-in-law, got engaged around the same time and she had lovely glowing skin. She says she uses Olay Total Effects. I bought a jar et voila! Beautiful skin. I also happened to have had a few diamond peel sessions around this time.

So Yasmin, Olay Total Effects, diamond peels plus love equals clear skin!


  1. Oh DARLING!! you and I have a lot more in common than I thought. I too have suffered severe acne. (the cystic kind). I've done almost everything on the list: injections, deep cleaning, etc. And YAZ did wonders for me too. It was more to control my heavy bleeding (which caused me to be mildly anemic). The clear skin just followed. Couldn't be happier. I've been poring over my local Target for Total Effects too!

  2. There's a new Olay out next month, Olay Regenerist. I'm saving up for that. It's a bit pricey!

  3. alam mo i don't remember you having pimples nung high school. ang kinis mo kaya tingnan noon! :) kainggit ha! ako tin now, mapimple pa rin. ugh!

  4. Naku, Raf, hindi. Actually, nung high school, madami akong white heads and blackheads so hindi naman raw and oozing ang fez ko. Then the year I met Vince, naku, yun pa yung time na my face just exploded. Kaya alam kong mahal ako ng asawa ko kasi ang panget-panget ko nung na-in love siya sa akin. Actually, till the day he proposed nga, my face was just raw!


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