Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Retail therapy (this time for eyeglasses!) is always a good thing

Okay, back to regular programming!

I promised myself I was going to spend more time with my family. So just this Sunday, when my sister Jacqui had to go to Divisoria to buy some props and costumes for her thesis play (she's taking Theater Arts), I tagged along. We girls figured there's nothing like shopping to distract us from our despondent mood. Plus, Mama loved to shop second-hand and inexpensive places so we felt like shopping would be like being with her. I also know about Divisoria's incredibly cheap prices but I've never actually been there (just once , and it was very very briefly). Well, let me just say everything was absolutely dirt cheap and everything was cheap and dirty! Sigh...

Anyway, part of Jacqui's costume included eyeglasses. If you remember my post on the funny yearbook photos (scroll way down for a giggle), I said that cat's eye frames look good on me and made me think about resting my eyes from my contacts and just wearing glasses again. And I found a really cute pair of eyeglasses there. It cost me PHP 150 or a mere USD 3.20! Well, the cheap frames were a bargain and I love how they make me look very severe and serious! However, everyone I told about my find warned me that as soon as I bring it to the optometrist for the prescription lenses, the plastic frames are sure to break. Hmmm...

So I turned to my online shopping obsession--the solution for my can't-find-anything-here dilemma. My search led me to Zenni Optical, a website that sells really cool eyeglasses. I also checked if they can be trusted and according to Fox News and consumer advocate program Clark Howard Show, Zenni's pretty okay! They have a wide variety of frames and these are my favorites:

This pair looks very vintage, with that cat's eye thing going.
I like the I'm-so-serious vibe it gives, too.

This one is most similar to the one I bought from Divisoria
and it's in purple!That's my Mama's favorite color, by the way.

I like this one because it's colorless and so it will match
most things in my closet.

Then I just like this tortoiseshell one for sheer drama.

Best thing is they're all just USD 8 each. So still very inexpensive but the durability is guaranteed. Sigh, with all the economic troubles these days, we really have to be more careful with what we buy!


  1. I also want to wear eyeglasses as fashion statement. It's easy to consult an ophthalmologists or an optometrist for prescription eyewear. Sooner or later, I'll be needing one anyway. But who to consult for the right frame for my face? hmmm....

  2. I've been wearing glasses since I was a kid so I kinda already know what looks good on me. No more of those huge ugly thick glasses for me!

    A lot of magazines talk about this issue: choosing the right frames for your face. Usually, you go the opposite of your face shape. So if you're round, you'll need something long and thin; if square, you'll want a rounded frame; and so on. The oval shaped faces are lucky--they can wear anything! Anyway, try this link: =D

  3. San po specifically sa divisoria nabili yung cats eye frame?

    1. This post was written in 2008. I don't remember!


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