Sunday, October 10, 2010

No more dress shopping

So I was supposed to buy a few dresses, right? Well, I might as well set aside the money towards travel. Why? My friend Duni of Lovely Purses left a comment on that post:
"The style and fit is great, but the fabric is a bit flimsy - as I'm afraid most dresses from that company are. So choose wisely..."
So I decided to investigate! And the wonders of Internet sleuthing revealed these:

Sadly, the dresses do not look very good on real people. As you can tell from the photos above, the fabric is not nice, resulting to wrinkles, ill fit and a look that's generally, uh, cheap. Sad sad, but, Duni, thanks so much for warning me! I could've ended up with dresses that I'd never wear! And I hope you're recovering well and feeling better!

I'll definitely save the dress budget and use it for something really worth it. Like shoes. Or a bag. Or a trip with my family to somewhere far away. After all, with the new adorable addition, we're going to need extra moolah!

*photos from the fashion company's Facebook page.


  1. a trip with the family will definitely be a great investment! may i suggest you bring vito to the gardens in tagaytay. sonya's and moon garden are good places to visit with the little boy.

  2. You're welcome, Frances :)
    I did not mention it in my first comment, because I didn't want to spoil your fun, but I'm SO glad you did not buy them, because you would've been sorely disappointed.
    A trip à trois sounds much better!!

    p.s. thank you, I'm getting better each day.


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