Thursday, October 28, 2010

Juggling act

I used to be very efficient. These days, just thinking about the word "multi-tasking" already exhausts me. The other day, someone from HR called to remind me of some documents I need to submit so that my maternity leave will be officially ended. If I don't submit, no salary. In my former life, I won't even need to be reminded.

In my former life, I also spoke English very well. The HR guy said, "Will you be able to submit your requirements by tomorrow?" And I mumbled, "Uh, yes ma'am sir, I submit very soon tomorrow promise the clearance yes." I haven't submitted it yet. So I have no salary this 30th again!

There are errands to do, bills to pay, stuff to follow up... On top of all the important things are the beautifying ones (I need to have a foot spa and a manicure, a lash extension for prettier eyes and a facial to have blackheads extracted for a photo shoot with my hubby and baby!). I know this part's shallow but my husband likes it that I try to look good. He always says, "Fight it!" It being fat, flab, dumpiness and frumpiness.

What I do prioritize is the baby and the magazine. The house can fall into disarray and my hair can go uncombed but Vito and OK! have my full attention. Which then brings me to the wife role, which I have woefully neglected. Darling Vince has been very understanding. But I really have to snap back into shape! And I don't just mean my body...

How do you juggle?


  1. i have a lot of alarms going off, everyday... hahaha! and i have post-it notes on my desk.

  2. oh frances! I was just supposed to blog something like that! I wanted to air out how to juggle my baby, my husband, myself and my department!! But like you, my baby and my work comes first so I really have to make bawi to hubby and we are both lucky we have very understanding husbands.

    I suggest when Vito's like 3 months already, you and hubby can do a weekend getaway just like what I'll do with hubby this long weekend. I was adviced kasi to keep the romance going kahit na sometimes halos we don't talk na to each other because of exhaustion and work stress.

    In the looks department, bahala na! hahaha! It pays that genetically we look pretty na kaya the enhancement can follow na lang.. diba?

    anyways, good luck to us! =D

  3. I can hear my voice in this post :) Believe me, I've asked that question too many times. With a full-time job and 2 kids, I barely have time to breathe sometimes. But breathe, I do. I try to schedule some me time during the week to just zone out and refocus. It could be as simple as reading a book with a cup of coffee by myself or going to the spa for a much needed massage. After that, I am usually a calmer, saner version of myself and am able to prioritize things that need to be done. That way I don't feel like I'm about to come undone and I actually get to do the important things first. Good luck, Frances and stay fab :)

  4. I can really relate to your present situation Frances. I'm routinely juggling things too from my articles to supervising my fellow writers as instructed by my boss. And while my hair screams for haircut, I still haven't done it.

    But like all other things, this is just a busy period and surely it will pass.

  5. I totally get it, Frances. Motherhood changes you forever. For me, the daily walk of working mommy-hood has taught me to do what I call "single-tasking." (In fact, I blogged about that in the Mom Renewal Project, where I'm a guest blogger (

    The househelp is always, well, helpful, especially when I need to prioritize spending time with my husband and my Vito. I still do the cooking (I'm super particular about our food), but other than that, the cleaning, the sorting, the laundry and other household tasks are all delegated.

    As for the nitty-gritty, personal stuff I spread them all out over a period of four weeks. I'm a list/calendar/planner person, and seeing everything checked off on the days they're to be "done" gives me great satisfaction.

    Dates with the hubby are paramount, so we commit to once a week alone time, without the baby. It's a non-negotiable.

    I've neglected my hair though, which is a month overdue for a tint and trim; I've been disobedient to my stylist and have been pony-tailing (mortal sin!). Thankfully, that's next on my two-week plan. I'm looking forward to checking it off!

  6. I have my planner 24/7, digital alarms, email reminders and notes here and there. I don't have a hubby or baby yet, it's my work, daughter errands and the business, but I'm exhausted every day already! Pano kapa kaya and all the mommies out there?? Kudos to you all! =) Take care , F!

  7. I read once that multi-tasking is a myth and I absolutely agree. You really don't do several things at once, to be able to to a new task you have to stop the first task you are doing. First we prioritize, then we do the tasks, even if we jump from one task to another we do them one at a time. You will soon adjust to the new facets of your life. You seem to be doing a great job so far.


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