Thursday, October 07, 2010

What every woman should have in her wardrobe

My favorite feature in this month's InStyle is "Inside the Files of the Super Stylish." Eleven of the most chic people were asked this question: What should every woman have in her wardrobe? These were some of the answers:

"Great jewelry. It adds drama." 
Kelly Wearstler, interior designer
(I'm working on this! I think I'm turning into a jewelry girl!)

"A lightweight long-sleeve black cashmere crew-neck sweater." 
Michael Kors, fashion designer
(Though I balked at this item, a bit much especially in sweltering Manila,  sweaters like that do hide jiggly arms and make you look slimmer. A necessity indeed!)

"A black cocktail dress!" 
Nicole Richie, actress, novelist, designer
(I have half a dozen black dresses. Always chic!)

"A wrap dress!" 
Diane von Furstenberg, fashion, accessories and housewares designer
(I have one prized DVF wrap dress! I'd like more but they're so frakkin' expensive.)

"Hoop earrings in yellow gold." 
Margherita Missoni, actress, model

"A fabulous dress and gold shoes... Also invest in cashmere cardigans... in a rainbow of colors." 
Deborah Lloyd, co-president and creative directo of Kate Spde
(I have fabulous dresses and gold flats and sandals. I can't get myself to buy gold shoes yet. Seems matronly. I have cardigans in white, black and brown but they're not cashmere. Sigh.)

"A perfectly fitting pair of jeans."
Tory Burch, designer
(Before I got pregnant, my great love was Levi's Lady's Style jeans. Those sweethearts hugged my legs and butt lovingly. Now? I can't even squeeze into them! Weep!)

"A Burberry trench." 
Isabel Dupre celebrity stylist
(None yet. I had a Zara trench that I gave to my sister because I don't travel to cold countries so much. I don't think I'll buy a trench again. But I do have a lovely red wool coat!)

Much as I respect their suggestions, I must wonder about the absence of the style basics, like a sleek black stiletto, crisp white shirt, pearl necklace, diamond studs, sunglasses... I mean, really. Gold shoes? A trench coat? A crew-neck sweater? Nevertheless, the stylistas answered a ton of other questions about the stylish lifestyle and their answers proved to be very interesting. I'm sure my mod readers would find this article interesting, too!

Oh, and do grab this month's OK! magazine. It's our Fashion Issue! Our annual Hollywood's Best Dressed List is particularly exciting.


  1. Noted, noted, noted everything. :D Even if some of the items will probably just be in my wishlist and not in my closet, like the Burberry and jewelry. Thanks for sharing this, Frances.

    Which reminds me, I don't have the new OK! yet... must get a copy!


  2. I rather like Tim Gunn's ten essential items list. It's more practical and all-encompassing. (It's on the InStyle website.)Nina Garcia's "The 100 Hundred" offers an encyclopedic range of stylish pieces that women can cull from when creating a look ('Noticed that a lot of those items are on this InStyle feature, too. Except gold heels!).

    Perhaps you can do a feature on the ten essential items a stylish Filipina ought to have? I don't know if it's ever been done by another magazine though!

  3. I'm ready to help you with the jewelry!

  4. a black and a white baby tshirt, a black and a white tank top, black pumps, pearl earrings, blue jeans, black dress, black cardigan and blue denim shorts are the staples in my closet! trends may come and go, but i make sure i have these. hoop earrings in yellow gold would be a nice addition! :D


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